Shawn Lukezic making good progress - BC Alpine Ski Association

The biggest thing is that Shawn has been moved to the 2nd floor (he moved there on wed, July 2) – which is the rehab floor – so he is now getting physio every day!!! The doctors are also pushing for him to go to McMaster in Hamilton, which has a more aggressive physio program. The physio and occupational therapists were in to see what he can do – they asked him to take his glasses off and put them back on, then take them off and put them on the counter, wash his face with a wash cloth, dry his face, wash his ears……all of which he did!!!! He also puts his hat on and off, squeezes hands, lifts his leg, waves, and winks all on command. He still loves to look at pictures and flip through photo albums. He also holds CDs correctly if you give him one – by the edges!! He looks at the cards he receives as if he is reading them. He tries to sit up in bed quite often. The physiotherapists have been working with him to help him sit up on the edge of his bed. He holds his head up much straighter now!! He is now in his wheelchair about 5 hrs a day – and gets to go outside whenever the weather is nice! Shawn got some blocks a few days ago – coloured and with the ABC's on them. He sorts them by colour when asked, and picks out the A or B… when asked – he has also been doing these when the commands have been written down on paper!! That means he's reading!! He also spelled out 'MIKE'!! Shawn is still unable to speak, but is saying Ahhhh – and on command!! So he does have a voice!! He does communicate yes and no though!! He touches his nose for no, and his ear for yes!! Since he is now getting physio every day, Shawn is becoming more and more active – and determined to do things on his own! The physiotherapists help him to do things, but when they are not there – he tries to do them on his own. Shawn is definitely a fighter – he has a lot of determination, and is also stubborn – once he knows how to do something, he doesn't want anyone's help! Shawn's left side is still more active than his right, but his right side is coming along. He still continues to do something new every day!!!!!:)

Congrats to Whistler and Vancouver for winning the 2010 Olympic bid!!!! Shawn and my Dad were watching the TV in the lounge when the announcement was made – Shawn immediately picked up my Dad's hand and kissed it!!!

I would also like to thank those people who helped out my Dad, Mike and Colleen while they were in Vancouver – Marie and Shari Mackie for helping with the packing, Blain Burfield for arranging the trailer, and Nigel Cooper for showing them around Whistler.

I would like to thank everyone again for your continued support and prayers for Shawn. And thank you to everyone who has been able to visit him!! Shawn has made some great progress, but still has a long way to go – so keep those prayers coming!!!!!!!:)

Take care,