Ryan Williams (Mt. Washington coach) somewhere in the middle of 12 days in Mt. Hood with 8 women during Provincial Team training!
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What a sky!!  View from top of course - Mt. Hood in July.
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Women's coach, Nancy-Jo O'Neill, tells us “the mountain is in very good shape, albeit more like the conditions in August than July. At this time, we could still use the ski-out, although we are not using it due to the number of test skis we have in use every day. Teams still use the ski-out terrain in the morning for drills and skills, but they have to walk back to the lift. It's quite different from this time last season, when Lusti, Danie and I were skiing from top to base without taking skis off. I think the snow will be great for August camps, though I would expect that everyone will need to download.”

When they're not on snow, the athletes are focused on dryland training (even a little “beach” volleyball for some), ski prep, video and some much needed REST!

Under the tutelage of coach Nancy O'Neill and her worthy assistant for the Mt. Hood camp, Ryan Williams, the female lineup consists of all members of this year's provincial team; Danielle Poleschuk (Fernie Alpine Ski Team), Danielle Robson (Whistler Mountain Ski Club), Kendall Benbow (Whistler Mountain Ski Club) and Alison Leighton (Whistler Mountain Ski Club), as well as three invitee athletes; Megan Kidston (Timberland Ski Club), Jenni Graham (Mt. Washington Ski Club) and Charlotte Whitney (Whistler Mountain Ski Club). In case you hadn't noticed, Ryan is seriously out-numbered by eight women! Do you think he minds? Again, in the words of Nancy O'Neill, “the girls and I have decided that it takes quite the guy to hang around 8 females for 12 days!!” The attached photo will give you an idea of how he's coping!

Speaking of guys, on the men's side, coaches Dale Stephens and Darren Thorburn are leading a group of eight athletes. Ben Chaddock (Whistler Mountain Ski Club), Robbie Dixon (Whistler Mountain Ski Club) and Graham Kraft (Silver Star Ski Club) of this year's BC Team are joined by Marcus Waring (Mt. Seymour Ski Club), Dustin Fraser (Mt. Washington Ski Club) and Trevor Conroy (Whistler Mountain Ski Club) from the BC Development Team. Accompanying them are Paul Rokosh (Kimberley North Star Racers) and Tyler McNabb (Kelowna Ski Club), who have been invited to take advantage of the valuable training opportunities presented when in the company of their Provincial Team athletes!

We look forward to more updates before their return to Canada on July 14th.