Men's BC Ski Team - Mt. Hood - July/03
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From Dale Stephens, men's coach, we hear this. “We have been very fortunate so far with the weather and snow conditions. The clear skies, but cooler than normal temperatures, have meant great snow and excellent training. We had four good days – three of sun and hard snow, and one of overcast skies that cleared by 10:00 AM. The snow was a bit softer on day three due to the overcast conditions, but with fewer skiers on the hill, the day was very productive. We have a day off on day 5, then 4 more days on snow before returning to Vancouver.”

Nancy O'Neill, coaching in the women's lane, had this to say about yesterday. “What an incredible day! The rain of the day before saturated the snow, and (luckily) we had a solid overnight freeze that left the snow harder than we had seen it all week!”

With none of the pressures of race season, summer training is a great opportunity to go back to the fundamentals of ski racing, identifying bad habits and correcting them through the use of repetitive, basic drills. Concentration on improving ski technique is a large part of the focus of this first on-snow camp of the season.

The women will leave Mt. Hood on Friday the 10th and head straight to Fernie, BC for a 2-day dryland session before returning to Vancouver on Monday the 14th. The men plan to ski on Monday the 14th and drive back to Vancouver the same day.