Women's BC Ski Team in Mt. Hood - July/03
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The girls then traveled to Fernie, BC with Coach Nancy O'Neill, where they met with their physical trainer Dave Ellis. Dave brought up the intensity of the camp with two days of rigorous dryland sessions. The girls were introduced to their new dryland Programs which will take them into the Saas Fee, Switzerland camp in August. “The girls need to really put the time and intensity into their dryland training during the next four week block. If they put in the sessions at the intensity we have trained here in Fernie, they will raise their level of skiing into the next camp” explained Ellis. Ellis is happy with the improvements he is seeing after the first dryland block. Emphasis on core strength has been a priority for all of the girls, and will continue to be so throughout the summer and fall.

Team members Alison Leighton, Kendall Benbow, Danielle Poleschuk and Danielle Robson, along with Training Group members Charlotte Whitney and Jenni Graham will travel to Saas Fee Switzerland in August for a three week technical event camp. The girls will miss Megan Kidston, who proved to be an excellent addition to our group in Mt. Hood.