Low Cloud in the Valley - Mt. Hood in July 2003
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“We were able to ski all eight of the on-snow days we had planned” said Dale Stephens, who coaches the team along with Darren Thorburn. “Conditions were excellent on seven of the days, with only one day of limited visibility and softer snow. The temperatures were cooler than average for this time of year, resulting in harder than normal snow and less need for salt.”

Stephens also told us “the focus of the camp was basic technique with no gate training at all”. “Drills and exercises for both Slalom and Giant Slalom were productive and worthwhile. With eight athletes and two coaches, the 4:1 ratio allowed for plenty of individual attention. The dryland sessions in the afternoon focused mainly on maintenance and education.”

The BC Team Men are looking forward to returning to Mt Hood in August to continue the progress from this camp.