He has moved to the 2nd floor at Freeport, and is now getting therapy every day. He is spending a lot more time in the wheelchair – twice a day now. He is sitting up a lot better, but is still a little shaky. Shawn is also talking now!!!!! He started with saying hi and hello, and then people's names, and now he is saying more words and sentences!!! Some things he says are still difficult to understand, but he has said things like – “I'm hungry, I love you, what do you want to do,” When asked what his favourite food is he said “pizza!” When asked to tell something about himself, he said “i like to ski!” He seems to really want to eat food, as he's asked for ice cream, and wants to go to the cafeteria. Hopefully he will pass a swallow test soon so he can eat and his stomach feeding tube can be removed. He is also trying to sing – he was filling in the words to a few songs my mom was singing to him, and he also was singing/saying the words to I'm leaving on a jet plane – after Tara gave him the words to the song. So he is reading as well!! Shawn is also laughing quite often. His personality as a jokester is coming through as well! Shawn's long term memory is good – he can identify people and places and remembers events in the past. His short term memory is not as good right now, which is common in head injuries, and is something that will have to be worked on.

Thanks again to everyone for their support for Shawn. Thank you to everyone who has been able to visit Shawn, or has sent him cards, emails, prayed for him, and kept him in their thoughts. Shawn has really been responding well!!! Please keep the prayers and positive thoughts coming!!!!!