Shawn started eating pureed food two weeks ago – and he was taken off his tube feed entirely on Monday!! He has been doing great with eating – does well with feeding himself – and was very happy to be able to have food again – he had a great big grin on his face after his first meal!! As his swallowing gets stronger, he will be fed minced food and allowed to drink 'thin' drinks – right now all his drinks are thickened to the consistency of honey. He is working with his speech therapist doing jaw exercises to improve his swallowing. He also got to eat at a BBQ pork roast on Monday – and really enjoyed it! His stomach tube should come out next week, after they are sure that he is eating enough, and there are no problems with his eating.

He walked for the first time since the accident on Fri!!!!! He did great – the biggest thing he has trouble with is stepping his right foot/leg straight – he tends to want to toe in and step right in front of his left foot. But he moves it over when you ask him, and is getting better at straightening it out. He walks with assistance – as he does not have proper balance yet – but he does bear all his weight on his legs, and takes the steps on his own. The people assisting him are more there to keep his posture erect, and to help him balance. He has also walked using a walker in physiotherapy. Shawn also walked up and down stairs for the first time on Tuesday!! It was amazing to see, especially since he only started walking on Friday!!!

Shawn is talking really well – it was so nice to be able to have a conversation with him!!!!! Most of what he says is understandable, and if it is hard to understand, if you ask him to repeat himself and speak slowly, he is easily understood. He comes up with some really funny one-liners too!! He has us and his nurses, therapists, etc laughing quite often!! And he laughs too!!!! He also likes to sing – and remembers the words to quite a few songs!
He is doing well with his occupational therapy too – he dresses himself for the most part (he has a little trouble with his shirt due to his right hand/arm), shaves, brushes his teeth, washes his face – it was so good to see him doing these things!!!

Shawn continues to love looking at pictures – he names the people and places in them. He also likes to watch movies, and having books read to him. His reading comprehension is really improving, and his short term memory is slowly getting better. He really enjoys people visiting him too (but he does get tired with all the activity and sleeps between about 2pm and 4pm for anyone who is thinking of visiting).

It was so amazing to see all the progress Shawn has made since my last visit home!!! He is doing so many things it is hard to keep up with them all!! Thank you all again for your continued support and prayers for Shawn – they are really helping!!!! And keep them coming – Shawn still has work to do!! If anyone has any further questions, please email me with them!
Take care!!