The results of the final test were very encouraging. The high Vo2 max results from September were maintained, and the power and anaerobic power tests showed the increases we had hoped for. Dave Ellis has done a great job with the testing of the athletes and the design of the programs which have led to such strong results.

Due to a mechanical problem at Panorama, our training schedule was adjusted to take advantage of some early season training at Nakiska. Good weather and snow conditions, combined with a limited number of teams on the hill, allowed us to fit in some excellent technical training at Nakiska prior to our return to Panorama. The athletes will be back in school for a couple of days before we start training in Panorama. The international teams begin arriving on Friday, Nov 14th and speed training could start on the weekend.

With the additional snowmaking capacity as well as 3.2 km of new safety netting purchased with the help of Legacies Now, we will be assured of the best possible training opportunity with some of the top skiers from Canada, France, Italy and Switzerland.

We look forward to the CIBC Nor Am in Lake Louise as a good test to begin the season.