Hi Everyone! It's been a while since my last note, so I thought I'd better send out an update. Shawn continues to make progress in his recovery. He is working hard to meet his two main goals – the first is to walk unassisted, and the second is to be able to ski again. The physical therapist is working a lot with his balance and his walking. His balance is getting better and better – he doesn't need much support at all anymore with his walking!!!! He is also able to stand on his own!! He is moving his right arm and hand more and more, which is great to see!! He is moving his fingers better, and can now grip things with his right hand. The speech pathologist is working with Shawn on his swallowing as he can now eat a regular diet – he still loves his pizza!! She is also working on making his voice stronger, louder and smoother. But the best thing is that he is now able to go home on the weekends to my parents!!!!! He really enjoys being away from the hospital!! And it gives me a chance to call him and talk to him every weekend. Shawn is tentatively scheduled to be released from the hospital in Hamilton in mid-January! He will then continue with outpatient therapy at Freeport Hospital.

I am going home again to visit Nov 27-Dec 2. I can't wait to see for myself all the progress that Shawn has made since I last saw him. I know I will see a lot of really good changes!!

And just a reminder – as ski season begins