Report from BC Women's Team Coach, Nancy O'Neill - BC Alpine Ski Association

The BC Team women had a good camp at Nakiska, Alberta in early November, despite the busy conditions at the time (it was the only mountain with enough snow that early in the season). Due to the steep terrain and the large number of athletes on the hill, Coach Nancy O'Neill elected to focus mainly on technical skills. The girls responded well, with definite improvements in their free skiing and “drill” skills (in stubbies). With the exception of one minor injury to Kendall Benbow, who strained her thumb in a fall, the camp was a success.

The three Whistler gals, Kendall Benbow, Alison Leighton and Danielle Robson, returned home after the camp to do some catching up at school and to continue with their new dryland programs designed by Dave Ellis. These programs are based upon the latest results from their lab testing in Calgary, November 3 & 4. The plan is to keep the girls on a full dryland program right up until the Lake Louise speed events, which will take place December 8 to 14.

In the meantime, Danielle Poleschuk has been training with the men's team in Panorama under the care of Coaches Dale Stephens and Darren Thorburn. This extra time on snow has been very beneficial to Danielle, who is still short on “days on snow” due to a collar bone injury that kept her off snow for part of the summer. At this time, Danielle is working diligently on her technical skiing, enjoying the benefits of her much improved fitness this season.

All four athletes, along with their coach, Nancy O'Neill, will head to Panorama on November 30th for a six-day, three-event training camp. They plan to train Super G in the morning sessions, and technical events in the afternoon sessions. The girls will then travel to Lake Louise for the Winterstart speed events.