BC men and women came up strong to conclude the first stop on the Pontiac GMC Cup race circuit. On the men's side, BC Ski Team's Trevor Conroy of Truro, N.S. and Whistler Mountain Ski Club took the bronze medal in Sunday's Slalom event in one minute and 51.80 seconds. Conroy left the East coast two years ago to live and train in Invermere, B.C. with the other members of the BC Ski Team. ''It was hard to leave but I needed to take the next step in my ski racing,'' said Conroy. ''I've gained a lot of experience here. Today I skied the pitches very solid, which was good.''

Dustin McLeay and Shona Rubens of Calgary each captured their second victory this week with slalom wins Sunday. McLeay clocked a two-run time one minute and 49.10 seconds, for his fifth career victory on the circuit. James Arnott of New Zealand, who won the other two races this week, was second in 1:50.86 For the women, Rubens posted the fastest time on the first run and held on for the victory clocking a two-run time of 1:52.46. Taryn O'Flynn of Beaumont, Alta., was second at 1:52.61 and Alison Hunter of Calgary third at 1:53.03.

Tyler McNabb of Sun Peaks Alpine Club and Interior Okanagan Ski Team had a great second run that secured him fourth place at the end of the day. Chris Colpitts (Whistler Mountain Ski Club), Brian Bennett (Quesnes, BC), Ben Chaddock (Whistler Mountain Ski Club/BCST) and Dustin Fraser (Mt. Washington Ski Club/BCST) held spots 8, 9, 10 and 11 respectively. Also of the Men's BC Ski Team, Graham Kraft (Silver Star Ski Club) finished 13th and Marcus Waring (Seymour/Whistler Mountain Ski Club) secured a 15th place finish.

Filling top 15 spots on the women's side were Anastasia Skryabina (Whistler Mountain Ski Club) in 6th, Charlotte Whitney (Whistler Mountain Ski Club) just behind her in 7th, Megan Kidston (Sun Peaks Alpine Club) taking 9th place, Katherine Clark (Grouse/VST) in number 11 and Julia Murray (Whistler Mountain Ski Club) wrapping up the series with a big 15th place finish.

The next stop on the circuit is February 6-9 at Apex Mountain near Penticton,

Sunday's slalom results at the Pontiac GMC Cup alpine skiing competition at
Nakiska, Alta.

Men: 1. Dustin McLeay, Calgary, one minute and 49.10 seconds. 2. James Arnott,
New Zealand, 1:50.86; 3. Trevor Conroy, Truro, N.S., 1:51.80; 4. Tyler McNabb, Sun Peaks, 1:52.46; 5. Cameron Stuart, Calgary, 1:52.78; 6. Jeff Crompton, Calgary, 1:52.84; 7. Andrew
Greig, New Zealand, 1:53.44; 8. Chris Coplits, Whistler, B.C., 1:53.56; 9. Brian Bennett, Quesnel, B.C., 1:53.57; 10. Ben Chaddock, Richmond, B.C.,
1:53.58; 11. Dustin Fraser, Quadra Island, B.C., 1:53.87.

Women: 1. Shona Rubens, Calgary, 1:52.46; 2. Taryn O'Flynn, Beaumont, Alta.,
1:52.61; 3. Alison Hunter, Calgary, 1:53.03; 4. Izzy Lynch, Calgary,
1:54.39; 5. Janelle Miller, Lethbridge, Alta., 1:55.15; 6. Anatasia
Skryabina, Whistler, B.C., 1:56.58; 7. Charlotte Whitney, Whistler,
1:58.61.; 8. Lisa Gunoff, Westbank, B.C., 1:58.92; 9. Megan Kidston, 100
Mile House, B.C., 1:59.71; 10. Jaclyn Reid, Calgary, 1:59.75.