Alison Leighton accepts Alpine Canada's invitation to take part in the Canadian Alpine Ski Team spring training camp at Sunshine Village in May, 2004.
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Sunday's Slalom event marked the close of the first Mars Canadian Junior Alpine Championships at Apex Mountain Resort near Penticton, BC. Alison Leighton of Whistler and the BC Ski Team added to the gold medal she won in Thursday's Super G, finishing third and taking the bronze in Slalom with a two-run time of one minute, 25.29 seconds. Less than a second behind Leighton, team-mate Kendall Benbow, also of Whistler, finished the day in fourth place in 1:26.26. Lindsay Kraft of the Silver Star Alpine Racers closed the day with a 5th place finish.

The top podium spot in Sunday's Slalom was reserved for Kayla Birdgeneau of Alberta, who won it in 1:24.04, just two tenths ahead of Ontario's Larisa Yurkiw, the second place finisher.

Calculations were done to determine a “combined” result for each athlete, and Leighton came out on top again. Based on results achieved in both Super G and Slalom, Ali walked away with another gold medal for the best combined result in the two disciplines.

Alix Browne-Munz, of the Whistler Mountain Ski Club won the “Most Improved” award following Sunday's Slalom event.

Rob Wasiliew of the Vernon Alpine Racers was BC's male athlete of the day, finishing 5th on Sunday's challenging Slalom course and winning a bronze medal for the third best “Combined” result of the Championships.

Women's slalom:
1.Kayla Birdgeneau, Calgary, Alta., 1:24.04. 2. Larisa Yurkiw, Owen Sound, Ont., 1:24.24. 3. Alison Leighton, Whistler, BC, 1:25.29. 4. Kendall Benbow, Whistler, BC, 1:26.26. 5. Lindsay Kraft, Vernon, BC, 1:27.15. 6. Kayla Leman, Calgary, Alta., 1:27.22. 7. Jaimee Sanderson, Canmore, Alta., 1:27.26. 8 Rebecca Sainsbury, Gloucester, Ont., 1:27.66. 9. Hannah Churchill, Canmore, Alta., 1:29.19. 10. Kara Delaney, Emerald Park, Alta.

Men's slalom:
1.Travis Dawson, Calgary, Alta. 1:32.64. 2. Carl Gauthier-Tremblay, Laval, Que. 1:35.37. 3. Chris Barber, Guelph, Ont. 1:36.68. 4. Vincent Gilbert-Dore, Montreal, Que., 1:37.05. 5. Rob Wasiliew, Vernon, BC, 1:37.07.
6. Taylor Wronko, Devon, Alta., 1:37.13. 7. Paul Atkinson, Toronto, Ont.
1:37.26. 8. Olivier Lacaille, Pierrefonds, Que.,1:37.73 9. Cam Brewington, Calgary, Alta., 1:37.79. 10. Olivier Bedard Legault, Mont Tremblant, Que.

Most Improved:
Brad Stewart, Fort Saskatchewan, Alta.
Alix Browne-Munz, Whistler, BC

1. Vincent Gilbert-Dore, Montreal, Que.
2. Paul Atkinson, Toronto, Ont.
3. Rob Wasilew, Vernon, BC

1. Alison Leighton, Whistler, BC
2. Kayla Birdgeneau, Calgary, Alta.
3. Larissa Yurkiw, Owen Sound, Ont.