Pontiac GMC Cup Apex 2004 - Men's Downhill Podium (left to right) Paul Rokosh, Dustin Fraser, Robbie Dixon
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Dustin Fraser - BCST 03/04
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Dustin Fraser of Mt. Washington and the BC Ski Team stood on top of the men's podium Monday to conclude the western portion of the Pontiac GMC Cup alpine skiing circuit. Atop the women's podium was Allison Empey of Calgary.

In the men's downhill, Fraser clocked one minute and 18.52 seconds, for his first win this season on a picturesque day at Apex Mountain Resort. Paul Rokosh of the Kimberley North Star Racers was second in 1:18.96 and Robbie Dixon of Whistler and the BC Ski Team was third in 1:19.07. For the third straight race in a row, BC athletes swept the podium in the men's event.

''The course was pretty bumpy and I was all over the place,'' said Fraser. ''But I knew the situation and I was basically able to hold on.''

Rokosh captured his first medal this season. ''I'm so happy I finally got one,'' he said. ''I raced pretty conservatively and didn't go full out on certain sections. The key today was to limit the mistakes.''

BC Team members Graham Kraft (Silver Star Ski Club) and Marcus Waring (Seymour and Whistler Mountain Ski Club) followed close on the heels of their team mates, wrapping up this speed series with 4th and 5th place finishes respectively in Monday's downhill.

Joel Taylor and Tyler McNabb of Sun Peaks and the Okanagan Ski Team each put down a very solid run to finish strongly in the number 7 and 8 spots for the day.

In the women's downhill, Allison Empey of Calgary took the gold medal in just 1:22.62. Kristen Tarchuk of Banff, Alta., was second in 1:22.76 while Charlotte Whitney of the Whistler Mountain Ski Club finished third in 1:23.30.

Whitney competed here in all four races, despite a severely sprained ankle. She said she'll stay off the slopes for the next 10 days. ''The ankle isn't holding up very well,'' said Whitney, who still succeeded in collecting one silver and three bronze medals in the western portion of the circuit. ''I caught an edge three times today and the course was pretty rough. I think subconsciously I was more cautious. I'm not attacking like I normally would.''

Janelle Miller of Lethbridge, Alta., the winner of the first three races at Apex, didn't finish Monday's race, but still ended up in first place in the Pontiac GMC Cup western standings with 2,535 points. Empey was second at 2,145 and Whitney third at 1,480.

To complete the top 15, the BC girls came in as follows:

4th KIDSTON Megan (Sun Peaks) 1:23.49
5th NIXON Rachel (Cypress) 1:23.65
6th LEIGHTON Alison (Whistler) 1:24.59
7th MURRAY Julia (Whistler) 1:25.06
10th GUNOFF, Lisa (Big White) 1:25.52
12th FLICK Kali (Prince George) 1:25.94
14th VAN DOORNINCK Kerri (Cypress)1:27.06
15th CLARK Katherine (Grouse Tyee) 1:27.59

The Pontiac GMC Cup circuit was conceived 35 years ago, first as the Pontiac Cup Series from 1969 to 1981 before it was rekindled and renamed in 1998 as the Pontiac GMC Cup. It is a developmental circuit for Canada's young alpine skiers who aspire to compete at the World Cup and Olympic level. This year's crop is expected to be in its prime for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

There are 16-races across Canada this season culminating with the Pontiac GMC Canadian Championships March 16-24 at Le Massif and Mont Sainte-Anne, Que. More than $50,000 in prize money is up for grabs.

The circuit now heads east beginning at Mte-Ste-Anne, Que., on Saturday with a men's and women's super-G.

Monday's downhill results at the Pontiac GMC Cup at Apex Mountain
1. Dustin Fraser, Quathiaski Cove, BC., 1:18.52; 2. Paul Rokosh, Kimberley, B.C.,1:18.96; 3. Robbie Dixon, Whistler, 1:19.07; 4. Graham Kraft, Vernon, B.C., 1:19.19; 5. Marcus Waring, Vancouver, 1:19.45; 6. Shawn MacKenzie, Edmonton, 1:19.99; 7. Joel Taylor, Fort Qu'Appelle, Sask., 1:20.19; 8. Tyler MacNabb, Kelowna, B.C., 1:20.24; 9. Daniel Berry, Calgary, 1:20.40; 10. Brady Leman, Calgary, 1:20.64

1.Allison Empey, Calgary, 1:22.62; 2. Kristin Tarchuk, Banff, Alta., 1:22.76; 3. Charlotte Whitney, Whistler, B.C., 1:23.30; 4. Megan Kidston, 100 Mile House, B.C., 1:23.49; 5. Rachel Nixon, Delta, B.C., 1:23.65; 6. Alison Leighton, Whistler, B.C., 1:24.59; 7. Julia Murray, Whistler, B.C., 1:25.06; 8. Carmel McElroy, Calgary, 1:25.35; 9. Alison Hunter, Calgary, 1:25.40; 10. Lisa Gunoff, Westbank, B.C., 1:25.52.


1. Dustin McLeay, Calgary, 1990 points; 2. Trevor Conroy, Truro, N.S., 1825; 3.Graham Kraft, Vernon, B.C., 1700; 4. Dustin Fraser, Quathiaski Cove, B.C., 1545; 5. Brett Haney, Calgary, 1281; 6. Cameron Stuart, Calgary, 1275; 7. Ben Chaddock, Richmond, B.C., 1240; 8. Jeff Crompton, Calgary, 1086; 9. Robbie Dixon, Whistler, B.C., 905; 10. Shawn MacKenzie, Edmonton, 879.

1. Janelle Miller, Lethbridge, Alta., 2535 points; 2. Allison Empey, Calgary, 2145; 3. Charlotte Whitney, Whistler, 1480; 4. Megan Kidston, 100 Mile House, B.C., 1440; 5. AlisonLeighton 1316; 6. Shona Rubens, Calgary, 1300; 7. Taryn O'Flynn, Beaumont, Alta., 1230; 8. Alison Hunter, Calgary, 1175; 9. Rachel Nixon, Delta, B.C., 1040; 10. Kristin Tarchuk, Banff, Alta., 960.