Day 4 at CAST Training Camp - Report from Alison Leighton and Lindsay Kraft - BC Alpine Ski Association

“On this beautiful day we took full advantage of the sunshine. It was the first day we have seen the sun since we have arrived. It brightened our day and made the skiing more enjoyable. Everyone's goggle tans are coming along quite nicely. We then spent most of the day doing drills and working on our technical skills. Some of the drills felt awkward at first, but we started to get the hang of them. Today was our first day being on GS skis so we worked on the top of the turn. We tried to maintain a stable upper body, and keep our all important hands forward and in front of us. For lunch we had our fourth day in a row meal of Pasta! (Not that we are complaining about the food). In the afternoon we got the feeling and flow back from the morning and continued working on our skiing. We skied for a couple of hours before calling it a day. We did a review of the day with our Club coaches while watching our video from the day.”

by Alison Leighton, Whistler/BC Ski Team