Dustin Fraser (BCST/Mt Washington Ski Club) at start of training run, Mt. Hood, Oregon, July 2004
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BC Ski Team Training Lane at Mt. Hood, Oregon, July 04
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The Men's and Women's BC Ski Teams have just completed their second on-snow camp of the new season, this time in Mt. Hood, Oregon, where excellent weather and snow conditions offered some extremely valuable training opportunities. With plenty of space available on the snowfield, there was room for the teams to spread out and benefit from a high volume of full length runs.

The men's team started the camp with four days of Slalom training, followed by a day off, then two days of Giant Slalom. Much progress was made by all through repeated basic technical drills and easy gate training.

For the women, the entire focus of the camp was Slalom skills and drills, as they plan to emphasize GS training when they return to Mt. Hood in August. Our girls enjoyed, and took full advantage of exposure to the US World Cup and Europa Cup Women's technical skiers who happened to be sharing the hill with them for four days.

Of course dryland training is an important aspect of every ski camp and the BC Team men and women managed to “team up” for several dryland sessions and a soccer game!