Alpine Canada and Fitter International have teamed-up in a unique partnership to provide the ski community access to ski conditioning equipment and information. Together the two organizations have provided the North American ski community as well as the general public access to an on-line training resource centre.

This on-line training centre provides you with a variety of information and merchandise that can improve your health and fitness for the up-coming ski season. The merchandise available is accommodating to all ages and skill levels. You can find balance boards, exercise balls, exercise mats, books, and videos to help condition yourself. Whether you are coaching, instructing, or just doing it for your own good, this on-line training centre can help.

Where can you find this site? The above link will take you right there. A 10% discount on your purchase is available to you by accessing the site through this link. You can also visit the site through (“Dryland Training” on the navigation bar). This partnership between Alpine Canada Alpin and Fitter International directly benefits both organizations, as a percentage of the proceeds will be donated back to Alpine Canada racing/training programs. Please visit the site and help support ski racing in Canada.

Stay tuned to the site for future developments.

For more Information please contact:

Russ Dickson
Manager-Suppliers Services