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BC Alpine congratulates the following athletes and coaches that have been selected to attend the fourth annual B2B Apex Kinder Camp scheduled for November 25-28. The 32 athletes aged 12-14 will benefit from this camp aimed at preparing BC's top club athletes in a wide range of physical, motor, mental and on-hill skills.

“The goal of this camp is to get a small cross section of our most skilled athletes in the province together for skill benchmarking purposes,” said Gordie Bowles, BC Alpine Program Director. “Due to the size of our province our athletes may only see each other two or three times per season – and that is in a racing environment like the Provincials – so it is critical to allow clubs and coaches to benchmark skill levels in a training environment. The ultimate goal is that the committment to excellence and the skill level is increased within BC Alpine clubs through education, awareness and exposure to our provinces best athletes and coaches.”

Selection for the Alpine Canada “K2 project” camp (Dec 9-12) will be based on the athletes performance at this Apex B2B camp, including skill level, fitness level, athleticism, attitude and commitment.