Under sunny rocky mountain skies, four Canadian women raced their way into the top-10 in today's Nor Am Cup Giant Slalom race in Winter Park, Colorado.

Christina Lustenberger of Invermere, BC added a gold medal to the silver medal she earned Thursday. Lustenberger finished the race with the golden time of one minute, 55.48 seconds.

Teammate Britt Janyk of Whistler, BC finished 2nd, 0.45 seconds behind Lustenberger.
“Today's result is where I should have been yesterday,” said Janyk, referring to her tenth place finish Thursday's race.
“This win will make us a stronger World Cup team as a whole and will put Christina in good standing for the upcoming Nor-Ams and a World Cup position.”
Emilie Desforges finished 7th with a time of one minute, 56.33 while Brigitte Acton took 10th place in a time of one minute, 57.06 seconds.

These members of the women's team will meet up with the rest of the Women's Canadian Alpine Ski Team (currently at the World Cup in Lake Louise) in Austria for Europa Cup and World Cup racing there.

Top 15

1. LUSTENBERGER, Christina , CAN , 1:55.48 ; 2. JANYK, Britt , CAN , 1:55.54; 3. MIELKE, Kristen , USA , 1:55.81; 4. STIEGLER, Resi , USA , 1:55.92; 5. PLANATSCHER, Magdalena , ITA , 1:56.17; 6. ROSS, Lauren , USA , 1:56.25; 7. DESFORGES, Emilie , CAN , 1:56.33; 8. BACHMANN, Silke , ITA , 1:56.43; 9. ROGNMO, Trine-Bakke, NOR, 1:56.79; 10. ACTON, Brigitte, CAN, 1:56.96; 11. COSTAZZA, Chiara, ITA, 1:57.06; 12. LATHROP, Jenni T, USA, 1:57.13; 13. KELLEY, Jessica C, USA, 1:57.19; 14. JELUSIC, Ana, CRO, 1:57.24; 15. ALIEVA, Olesja, RUS, 1:57.51

Other Canadians

20. GOODMAN, Anna, CAN, 1:58.48
48. LUSH, Maris, CAN, 2:06.71