Risler 2nd, Poleschuk 14th at Lake Louise CIBC Nor-Am Cup Super G - BC Alpine Ski Association

Christina Risler, Vancouver, BC
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Danielle Poleschuk, Fernie, BC (BC Ski Team)
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The CIBC Nor-Am Cup was launched Tuesday at Lake Louise for the first of two women's Super G races. Held on the same track as the Lake Louise Winterstart World Cup which came to an end last Sunday, the women's Nor-Am Cup featured 66 racers from Canada, the United States, Lebanon, Russia, and Estonia.

American Stacy J. Cook blazed down the course with a time of one minute, 14.40 seconds to claim gold. Canadian Alpine Ski Team members took the silver and the bronze – Sherry Lawrence was second, with a time of 1:15.76 and BC's Christina Risler was third with a time of 1:16.09.

BC Ski Team member Danielle Poleschuk (Fernie), coming off an ACL injury last season, overcame first-race jitters to achieve a personal best Super-G result, and a 14th place Nor Am finish.

The action continues Wednesday with a second women's Super G. The CIBC Coupe Nor-Am Cup presented at Lake Louise will then host men's and women's downhill training runs on December 9, 10, 11, and downhill races on December 12 and 13. The men will conclude this first Nor-Am Super G and downhill racing segment with two Super G's held on December 14 and 15.

Top-15 Results:
1. COOK Stacey J, USA, 1:14.40; 2. LAWRENCE Sherry, CAN, 1:15.76; 3. RISLER Christina, CAN, 1:16.09; 4. FORD Mattie, USA, 1:16.19; 5. NJEIM Chirine, LIB, 1:16.25; 6. MARSHALL Chelsea, USA, 1:16.36; 7. RUBENS Shona, CAN, 1:16.40; 8. KELLY Gail, CAN, 1:16.41; 9. DESFORGES Emilie, CAN, 1:16.46; 10. POPKOVA Anastasia, RUS, 1:16.49; 11. HITCHCOCK Katherine, USA, 1:16.54; 12. PERRICONE Lisa, USA, 1:16.62; 13. LITTMAN Julia, USA, 1:16.67; 14. POLESCHUK Danielle, CAN, 1:16.77; 15. DAKERS Jessica, CAN, 1:16.98.

Other BC Results:
27. LEIGHTON Alison
33. MURRAY Julia
34. KRAFT Lindsay
46. SKRYABINA Anastasia
52. GRAHAM Jenni
ROBSON Danielle (DNF)