Anderson and Hume Top-10 on Final Day of CIBC Nor Am Cup - BC Alpine Ski Association

David Anderson, Rossland, BC
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The CIBC Coupe Nor-Am Cup wrapped up Wednesday with the second of two men's super-G's. Calgary's John Kucera got back in the first place grove winning the race with a time of one minute, 32.05 seconds.

Calgary's Brad Spence was excited with his run today. Finishing 2nd with a time of one minute, 32.09 seconds, “This is a landmark race for me,” admitted Brad. “I am looking forward to the Panorama races because I always do well there.”

American Jakub Fiala took third with his one minute, 32.10 seconds time. Fiala has been a strong podium contender against the Canadians during this past weeks' downhill and super-G races.

Manuel Osborne-Paradis of North Vancouver did not finish today's run, but he is a self-declared Nor-Am specialist and is looking forward to the Panorama Pontiac GMC race series later this week.

Rossland's David Anderson had a much better run in today's race finishing 5th in one minute, 32.82 seconds.

BC Ski Team's Scott Hume of Whistler improved on Tuesday's excellent Super-G result, moving up 4 spots into 9th place on Wednesday.

The men are headed to Panorama, BC tomorrow for a four-day Pontiac GMC technical race series. This will be the last race for the men until after Christmas.

The CIBC Coupe Nor-Am Cup races held at Lake Louise were a success in large part due to the hundreds of volunteers involved in hosting the race. Alpine Canada Alpin and Alberta Alpine are happy to recognize their significant contribution along with the involvement of the title sponsor, CIBC, and the Lake Louise Resort who provided an exceptional race track.


1 KUCERA John [CAN] – SR 1:32.05
2 SPENCE Brad [CAN] – SR 1:32.09
3 FIALA Jakub [USA] – SR 1:32.10
4 CRUICKSHANK Roger [GBR] – SR 1:32.52
5 ANDERSON David [CAN] – SR 1:32.82
6 JITLOFF Tim [USA] – J2 1:32.92
7 WHITE Trevor [CAN] – SR 1:32.95
8 SINE Gareth [CAN] – J2 1:33.10
9 HUME Scott [CAN] – SR 1:33.17
10 FRANCIS Kevin [USA] – SR 1:33.18

36 (45) DIXON Robbie [CAN] – J2 1:36.10
37 (39) CHADDOCK Ben [CAN] – J2 1:36.14
38 (44) KRAFT Graham [CAN] – J2 1:36.17
54 (53) WARING Marcus [CAN] – J2 1:37.53
56 (76) HADLEY Jonathan [CAN] – J2 1:37.70
61 (57) ROKOSH Paul [CAN] – J2 1:38.28
64 (81) PRIDY Conrad [CAN] – J1 1:38.59
65 (65) COLPITTS Chris [CAN] – J2 1:38.60
69 (77) THOMSEN Benjamin [CAN] – J2 1:39.34
70 (70) WASILIEW Rob [CAN] – J2 1:39.47
72 (61) TAYLOR Joel [CAN] – J2 1:39.76
77 (90) MCLEAN James-Douglas [CAN] – J1 1:40.68
82 (94) GREENWOOD Paul [CAN] – J2 1:42.50
83 (89) REY Stanislas [CAN] – J1 1:42.55

(96) CHADDOCK Darren [CAN] – J2 DNF
(36) FRASER Dustin [CAN] – J2 DNF