Danielle Poleschuk 2004/2005 BC Ski Team headshot
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Danielle Poleschuk (Fernie, BC) wins CIBC NorAm Super-G at Apex Mountain, Feb/05.
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Not since the great Deedee Haight has a B.C. Ski Team member won a Nor Am event, but today Danielle Poleschuk of Fernie, BC (3rd year member) changed that history with a strong victory at Sunday's CIBC Nor Am Cup Super-G at Apex Mountain Resort. Poleschuk ripped up the challenging course in one minute, 34.51 seconds, well over half a second ahead of second place Sherry Lawrence of the Canadian Alpine Ski Team, who ran the course in 1:35.12. Chelsea Marshall of the US Ski Team clocked the third fastest time of 1:35.18.

“This is just a tremendous accomplishment for Danielle, and will give her great confidence going into the World Juniors” said Head coach Nancy O'Neill ” Danielle has made a fantastic “step-up” in her skiing this season. She has started to learn the critical application of tactics to ski racing, and this, combined with her commitment to physical fitness and on-snow training, has allowed her to move into a new realm of performance.”

“It was simply a great day today for me. I swear that my jaw hit the snow when I realized what I had accomplished,” exclaimed Poleschuk. “I am really happy. I want to thank my ski technician Zennon Sharko for making my Atomic skis rockets! I can't wait for tomorrow!”

O'Neill went on to say that several of the BCST athletes today had great personal performances, including Lindsay Kraft (Vernon Ski Club) who scored her first ever top-15 Nor Am result, taking the 14th spot in 1:38.40. BC Team's Alison Leighton (Whistler) and Danielle Robson (Whistler) also had strong performances Sunday, coming in 18th and 20th respectively.

“We are really proud of all of the BC Team girls,” added O'Neill. “With each start these athletes are learning to trust their skills and this shows up as confidence in their skiing. They all are learning what it takes to win, and what risks they need to accept.”

Danielle Poleschuk will now join the Canadian Alpine Ski Team to travel to Bardonnecia, Italy for the World Junior Championships.

1 POLESCHUK Danielle [BC] [CAN] – J2 1:34.51
2 LAWRENCE Sherry [Canadian Alpine Ski Team] [CAN] – SR 1:35.12
3 MARSHALL Chelsea [USA] – J2 1:35.18
4 MCJAMES Megan [WEST] [USA] – J2 1:35.55
5 TARCHUK Kristen [ALTA] [CAN] – J2 1:35.90
6 NJEIM Chirine [LIB] 1:36.15
7 FORD Mattie [EAST] [USA] – J2 1:36.16
8 JANOWIAK Lyndee [WEST] [USA] – J2 1:36.87
9 MCELROY Carmel [ALTA] [CAN] – J2 1:37.01
10 EMPEY Allison [ALTA] [CAN] – J2 1:37.17
11 ARCHAMBAULT-LEGER Veronique [QUE] – J2 1:37.56
12 RUBENS Shona [ALTA] [CAN] – J2 1:37.75
13 HARTMAN Katie [R/C] [USA] – J1 1:38.09
14 KRAFT Lindsay [BC] [CAN] – J2 1:38.40
15 BIRDGENEAU Kayla [ALTA] [CAN] – J2 1:38.56
16 BRAGG Kate [WEST] [USA] – J2 1:38.94
17 LEMASURIER Lesley [USST] [USA] – J2 1:38.97
18 LEIGHTON Alison [BC] [CAN] – J2 1:39.14
19 FIRSTBROOK Leslie [ONT] [CAN] – J2 1:39.25
20 ROBSON Danielle [BC] [CAN] – J2 1:39.44
21 MURRAY Julia [BC] [CAN] – J1 1:39.71
22 GHENT Erika [R/C] [USA] – J1 1:39.85
23 DAKERS Jessica [Canadian Alpine Ski Team] [CAN] – SR 1:39.93
24 WHITNEY Charlotte [BC] [CAN] – J2 1:40.05
25 GRAHAM Jenni [BC] [CAN] – J2 1:40.57
26 ALLBRIGHT Suzanne [R/C] [USA] – J1 1:40.63
27 COOPER Kirsten [R/C] [USA] – J1 1:40.70
28 GUNOFF Lisa [BC] [CAN] – J2 1:40.97
29 LEMAN Kayla [ALTA] [CAN] – J1 1:41.34
30 O FLYNN Taryn [ALTA] [CAN] – J2 1:41.71
31 KIDSTON Megan [BC] [CAN] – J2 1:42.19
32 BENBOW Kendall [BC] [CAN] – J2 1:42.74
33 HILLENBRAND Heidi [R/C] [USA] – J2 1:42.86
34 BAHLE Brittany [R/C] [USA] – J2 1:43.07
35 SKRYABINA Anastasia [BC] [CAN] – J2 1:43.41
36 GEIER Kari [BC] [CAN] – J2 1:43.74
37 SPURGEON Cynthia [BC] [CAN] – J2 1:44.50
38 WICK Kristen [WEST] [USA] – J2 1:44.70
39 MCLEAN Anabelle [R/C] [USA] – J1 1:45.82
40 MCARTHUR Jillian [BC] [CAN] – J1 1:46.14
41 MCLEAN Madeline [R/C] [USA] – J2 1:46.63
42 LYNCH Lucy [ALTA] [CAN] – J1 1:46.77
43 GASSMAN Gina [R/C] [USA] – J2 1:47.56
44 SMITH Shannon [BC] [CAN] – J1 1:47.66
45 ROBERTS Christine [R/C] [USA] – J2 1:48.30

FLICK Kali [BC] [CAN] – J2 DNF
LYON Kathleen [R/C] [USA] – J1 DNF