Team Work Pays off in the North at Troll Mountain Resort - BC Alpine Ski Association

Beautiful blue skies were eclipsed by speed skiers along the horizon at Troll Mountain last week during the CIBC Northern Zone Super-G speed camp. Christopher Campbell of the Timberland Alpine Ski Club had back to back victories in the men's over-all and team mate Brenden Hunt won silver in both races for the K-2 men. Other notable results from the Timberland club came from Andrew Hunt, with two gold in the K-1 men, Hayley Campbell with two silver in the K-1 women, Shaylene Wilson with two bronze in the K-1 women and Ashley Stewart, with a bronze in the J-2 women.

Plenty of hard work went into running this event which was jointly hosted by the Lightning Creek and Timberland Alpine ski clubs. Support from sponsors and Troll Mountain Resort was tremendous, culminating in a delicious banquet and gift draw. The great weather and support from coaches, parents, racers and sponsors extended into the weekend for the CIBC slalom race series hosted by the Prince George Ski Club.

Chris Campbell (Timberland Alpine Ski Club) won gold in both of the K-2 men's Slalom races as well as 2nd overall in both. Graham Muirhead, a J-1 FIS racer from the Prince George Ski Club was first overall in both men's Slalom races. Ex-BC Team member Brian Bennett made an unscheduled guest appearance as a forerunner on GS boards. He's back in BC for a brief stop after visiting Japan and Europe on the Skier-Cross circuit.

Prince George Ski Club would like to thank the Lightning Creek Ski Club for taking on the Slalom event that was relocated from Purden to Troll” said Colin Flick, BC Alpine Juvenile Chair. “Also, a huge Thank You to Troll Mt. Resort for their terrific support – from course preparation to assisting us with bag lunches for our volunteers. They even took time out to give dog sled rides to some of the athletes!” (Thanks to the Prince George parent who submitted the photos of the dog sledding!)