Robbie Dixon at Lake Louise World Cup 2005 - PHOTO CREDIT - Malcolm Carmichael, Peak Photography
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The CIBC Nor Am Cup speed races concluded Tuesday, wrapping up two days of downhill competition last week in Lake Louise and two days of super G this week at Panorama Mountain Village. Robbie Dixon of North Vancouver surprised no one Tuesday when he put down another winning run. BC's women also produced some respectable and noteworthy results!

Women's Race
BC Team's Danielle Poleschuk (Fernie) who won Monday's super G was in the running again Tuesday, but closed out the day in 7th spot in one minute, 22.68 seconds. Team mate Alison Leighton of Whistler stepped it up today finishing 9th in 1:23.66 – her first ever top-10 Nor Am finish! BC Team's Lindsay Kraft (Vernon) just missed the 15th spot that belonged to her the day before, taking 16th in 1:25.07.

Women Top-10
1 7 MCJAMES, Megan USA 1:21.92 (1)
2 3 CICCONE, Caitlin USA 1:22.07 (2)
3 16 KELLEHER, Keely USA 1:22.54 (3)
4 13 PREFONTAINE, Marie-Pier CAN 1:22.56 (4)
5 4 ARCHAMBAULT-LEGER, Veronique CAN 1:22.61 (5)
6 10 YURKIW, Larisa CAN 1:22.66 (6)
7 8 POLESCHUK, Danielle CAN 1:22.68 (7)
8 9 MARSHALL, Chelsea USA 1:23.31 (8)
9 11 LEIGHTON, Alison CAN 1:23.66 (9)
10 43 MCBROOM, Kelly CAN 1:23.73 (10)

BC Women:
7 8 POLESCHUK Danielle 1:22.68
9 11 LEIGHTON Alison 1:23.66
16 37 KRAFT Lindsay 1:25.07
32 47 SKRYABINA Anastasia 1:27.60
44 58 SMITH Shannon 1:32.99
46 62 MCARTHUR Jillian 1:34.07
47 65 CAMERON Brittany 1:34.28
49 63 DEKUR Kirsten 1:35.30

Did not finish:
SIMEK Madison-Paige, SERWA Kelsey, TERWIEL Elli, MAH Jennifer, MURRAY Julia, ROBSON Danielle,

Men's Race
Canadian Alpine Development Ski Team's Robbie Dixon (North Vancouver) claimed his second gold medal of the series.

“I am just so overwhelmed, “exclaimed Dixon who also won yesterday's super-G. ” I have a pair or Manny's skis ( Manuel Osborne-Paradis, Canadian Alpine Ski Team, World Cup) that are working great and bringing me a lot of success.”

When asked what's the secret to his success, Robbie says he has been working out a lot, is feeling in top form and is very confident on his skis.

” My goal has been to be in the top-3 at all Nor Am speed events and now that I have accomplished this so early in the season I hope to carry these results to Europe and then back to Canada in the spring for Nor Am finals. Obviously, my ultimate goal is to join the World Cup team, “added Dixon.

Men's development head coach, Peter Rybarik says that Robbie really deserves these wins.

“Robbie and the rest of the speed guys had the opportunity to forerun both the men's and women's World Cup last week in Lake Louise and this gave them a lot of miles on their speed skis, “told Rybarik.

“This course is very technical and all of the summer GS training has helped with this aspect. The team is working really hard as a whole, pushing each other and acknowledging that they are capable of great results. I am happy that we have a great team here. My regards go to my assistant coaches Brian (Rishworth) and Shaun (Moore) for all their dedication and hard work. We are all working together to make these results happen.”

Ben Chaddock (Richmond) of the BC Ski Team finished in the number 15 spot with a time of 1:19.74.

Ben Thomsen of the Windermere Valley Ski Club trained all summer as an invitee with the men's BC Ski Team and the extra work he's been doing is showing in his results. An impressive run moved Thomsen up to a 25th place finish after starting 54th!

Men Top-10
1 8 DIXON, Robbie CAN 1:17.75
2 6 ZAMANSKY, Jake USA 1:17.91
3 4 FRISCH, Jeffrey CAN 1:17.93
4 1 SINE, Gareth CAN 1:18.02
5 2 NICKERSON, Warner C USA 1:18.31
6 28 FRANCIS, Kevin USA 1:18.53
7 5 WHITE, Trevor CAN 1:18.62
8 11 ZORICIC, Nick CAN 1:18.90
9 15 RIXON JR, Carl H USA 1:18.91
10 33 HELIE, Louis-Pierre CAN 1:19.07

BC Men:
1 8 DIXON, Robbie 1:17.75
15 14 CHADDOCK, Benjamin 1:19.74
25 54 THOMSEN, Benjamin 1:20.94
30 60 CONROY, Trevor 1:21.32
50 56 HADLEY, Jonathan 1:23.00
53 79 REY, Stanislas 1:23.60
54 73 MCLEAN, James 1:24.10
55 65 PRIDY, Conrad 1:24.19
58 77 MATHESON, Alexander 1:25.48

CIBC Nor Am Cup racing continues in January where athletes will compete in two slalom's and two giant slaloms at Hunter Mountain, NY, January 2-5, 2006.