A Fight to the Finish for Super G Supremacy at Apex Mars BC Cup Race - BC Alpine Ski Association

Although there was virtually no change in the weather department (is it always sunny at Apex?), it was a whole different race Thursday as athletes confronted a demanding super G course at the Apex Mars BC Cup speed event. What distinguishes ‘super G’ from ‘downhill’, and also adds to the thrill factor, is the fact that the athletes are not given a chance to train on the course before they race it. A thorough inspection of every section of the course is the key to success. This was a “worker” of a course with tight turns and not a lot of gliding opportunities – it would prove to be too much for some.

First up was a field of 85 women and it was Canadian Development Team member Emilie Desforges from Mt. Tremblant, Quebec who found the fastest way down to win the race in one minute, 20.67 seconds. “That was so much fun”; expressed Desforges as she entered the finish area. “It’s beautiful here; this is my first time skiing at Apex”. Desforges is one of several national team athletes from Canada and the USA, as well as a group of Ontario and Quebec provincial team athletes, who have come to Apex early to prepare and practice for the Nor Am races scheduled to begin here on February 4th. Desforges is aiming to capture the Nor Am title in super G this season.

Second place went to Marie-Michele Gagnon of the Quebec Ski Team with a time of 1:20.88. “I was a little nervous in the start because I’ve had no speed training yet this year and this is my first time on this hill;” admitted Gagnon. “But it was really fun and pretty fast, with lots of changing terrain and challenging sections;”

Third spot in the women’s race was reserved for Calgary’s Sherry Lawrence of the Canadian Alpine Ski Team who stopped the clock at 1:21.13.

With a higher than average number of women unable to meet the challenges of the course-set on this day, the door to some great results was left open for those who held on through the tough spots. Congratulations to the following top-15 finishers:

Jennifer Mah (Whistler Mountain Ski Club) – 6th place
Julia Murray (Whistler Mountain Ski Club) – 9th place
Victoria Glowczynski (Sun Peaks Alpine Club) – 11th place
Lauren Stuart (Smithers Ski Club) – 13th place

The men, 93 in all, were pumped and itching to tackle the course that had taken down so many of the women. One after the other, they charged across the finish line wearing smiles and proclaiming this to be one of the most tiring, challenging and fun super G courses they had ever skied. Many wished they could go up and do it again!

Fastest across the line was Canadian Alpine Ski Team athlete Jeffrey Frisch of Mt. Tremblant, Quebec. Frisch clocked a 1:16.88 to finish 1.34 seconds ahead of CAST team mate Gareth Sine from Calgary who took second place in 1:18.22.

“That was ‘hero snow’ at its best!” exclaimed Frisch. “The track is perfect as long as you do a good inspection. My skis are perfect today too – thank you to my ski tech!”

Taking third place for the men in 1:18.39 was Alberta Ski Team’s Travis Dawson of Calgary and the National Alpine Training Centre.

Landing in the top-15 from the BC Ski Team were Jonathan Hadley of the Whistler Mountain Ski Club in 13th place, Ben Thomsen from the Windermere Valley Ski Club in 14th spot and local favourite, Ian Cumming from Penticton and the Apex Ski Club sitting in 15th.

Top-15 Women and Top-3 J1’s
1 (8) DESFORGES Emilie [TREMB] [CAN] – SR 1:20.67
2 (1) GAGNON Marie-Michele [RSUD] [CAN] – J2 1:20.88
3 (6) LAWRENCE Sherry [NATC] [CAN] – SR 1:21.13
4 (7) VICTORY Hannah [USA] – J2 1:22.53
5 (20) FRY Kayla [USA] – J1 1:24.16 (FIRST J1)
6 (22) MAH Jennifer [WHIST] [CAN] – J2 1:24.38

7 (12) HARRIS Amy [USA] – J2 1:24.47
8 (30) NILSEN Kelsey [BLACK] [CAN] – J2 1:24.88
9 (27) MURRAY Julia [WHIST] [CAN] – J2 1:25.44
10 (26) YOUNG Jessica [BANFF] [CAN] – J2 1:26.42
11 (50) GLOWCZYNSKI Victoria [SPAC] [CAN] – J2 1:26.65
12 (69) CARROLL Emma [EASA] [CAN] – J1 1:26.66 (SECOND J1)
13 (60) STUART Lauren [SMTRS] [CAN] – J1 1:27.14 (THIRD J1)
14 (25) COLLINSON Angel [USA] – J1 1:27.51
15 (48) ROCK Lauren [SUNSH] [CAN] – J1 1:27.56

Top-15 Men and Top-3 J1’s
1 (5) FRISCH Jeffrey [TREMB] [CAN] – SR 1:16.88
2 (12) SINE Gareth [NATC] [CAN] – SR 1:18.22
3 (9) DAWSON Travis [NATC] [CAN] – J2 1:18.39
4 (8) ROBERT Jonathan [EDEL] [CAN] – SR 1:18.50
5 (4) STUART Cameron [NATC] [CAN] – SR 1:18.54
6 (6) DONALDSON David [GEORG] [CAN] – J2 1:18.64
7 (7) BREWINGTON Cam [CARC] [CAN] – J2 1:18.77
8 (2) NELLA Tyler [GEORG] [CAN] – J2 1:18.91
9 (1) CROMPTON Jeff [NATC] [CAN] – SR 1:19.13
10 (14) MACKIE Michael [BANFF] [CAN] – J2 1:19.23
11 (15) CRETE BELZILE Philippe [ORIG] [CAN] – J2 1:19.61
12 (13) LEMAN Brady [CARC] [CAN] – SR 1:19.74
13 (18) HADLEY Jonathan [WHIST] [CAN] – SR 1:19.81
14 (10) THOMSEN Benjamin [WINDR] [CAN] – J2 1:19.96
15 (21) CUMMING Ian [APEX] [CAN] – J2 1:20.19

23 (25) TIMMONS Curtis [BANFF] [CAN] – J1 1:21.07 (FIRST J1)
25 (32) PRIDY Morgan [WHIST] [CAN] – J1 1:21.74 (SECOND J1)
26 (48) LEDUC Mathieu [MTWAS] [CAN] – J1 1:22.02 (THIRD J1)

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