K1 Provincials 'Wrap Up' - Fernie Alpine Ski Team Race Organizing Committee - BC Alpine Ski Association

The Fernie Alpine Ski Team hosted the K1 Provincial Championships event at Fernie Alpine Resort from March 23-25, 2007. Notwithstanding some challenging weather, particularly during heavy rains on Saturday, the event went relatively smoothly and the athletes enjoyed a safe, challenging and fun competition.

The constant heavy rainfall forced the cancellation of the second Kombi run for both genders on Saturday. On top of the weather, we had delays both days at the Spruce venue because of visits from a mother Moose and her 2 year old calf!

The use of two venues for all three of the events allowed for a solid course throughout the competition. It also allowed the athletes to compete on a variety of terrain.

The strong support of Fernie Alpine Resort in hosting this event as well as the Kootenay Zone ANGSL Finals and a Zone Race is greatly appreciated.

The ROC would like to express it’s sincere thanks to all of the volunteers, coaches and sponsors who helped make this race such a positive experience for the athletes.

Thanks also to Dr Steve Norris who gave a fascinating seminar on Friday night outlining strategies for developing athletes of this age group. There was strong attendance by the coaches, ROC members and interested parents.

Click HERE for all the race results. 
Pictures were taken by Hardwater Productions. You can contact them directly at hardwaterproductions@hotmail.com if you would like to purchase photos or a CD.

You can also check out Gordon Kwong’s pictures on the following link:  www.flickr.com/photos/gordsphotos