(submitted by Gerda Wever-Rabehl of The Write Room & The Write Room Press)

On Sunday, 230 skiers in the BC Alpine Vancouver Sun Kinder Series competed in the Kombi race, co-hosted by Vancouver’s Grouse Tyee and Cypress Ski Clubs. The Kombi event was the second race in the three-day K1 Provincial Championships, which wrap up this year’s B.C. Alpine’s Kinder Series, sponsored by the Vancouver Sun.

Vancouver’s Grouse Mountain kicked off the K1 Provincial Championships on Saturday, when the 11 and 12-year old athletes competed in the Slalom. Monday’s Giant Slalom, co-hosted by Cypress Mountain Ski Club concluded this three-day event.

Sunday’s weather conditions were fair, although foggy patches limited visibility at times. Some 100 volunteers ensured that the Kombi events ran on time and that course conditions were optimal.

Whistler athletes dominated Sunday’s first Kombi run. Whistler’s Kaylie Higgs took home the gold of the first Ladies Kombi run and Brodie Seger, also from Whistler, came in first in the first Men’s Kombi run.

In the second run, Alix Wells from Prince George won the Ladies Kombi, while Austin Llewellyn from the Grouse Mountain Tyees won the Men’s second run. It was Llewellyn’s second gold medal in these Championships. He also won gold in Saturday’s Slalom.

A banquet and awards ceremony of the first two race days in the K1 Provincial Championships completed Sunday’s race day.

March 16 Kombi, Ladies, First Run
1 HIGGS, Kaylie (Whistler) 39.75
2 WELLS, Alix (Prince George) 40.57
3 MACLACHLAN, Hallie (Fernie) 40.78
4 RAUHALA, Silken (Apex) 41.41
5 SWETTE, Rae (Whistler) 41.80
6 FIELD, Charley (Whistler) 41.93
7 KING, Emma (Whistler) 42.77
8 PARK, Jamie (Apex) 42.92
9 VAN SOEST, Francesca (Vernon) 43.49
10 REEVES, Picabo (Whistler) 43.62

March 16 Kombi, Ladies, Second Run
1 WELLS, Alix (Prince George) 42.26
2 KING, Emma (Whistler) 42.74
3 FIELD, Charley (Whistler) 42.88
4 MACLACHLAN, Hallie (Fernie) 42.98
5 STEEVES, Kelly (Whistler) 43.70
6 PARK, Jamie (Apex) 43.95
7 SWETTE, Rae (Whistler) 44.09
8 RAUHALA, Silken (Apex) 44.18
9 REEVES, Picabo (Whistler) 44.69
10 VAN SOEST, Francesca (Vernon) 44.80

March 16 Kombi, Men, First Run
1 SEGER, Brodie (Whistler) 41.50
2 KREUTZ, Alex (Vernon) 42.07
3 RAMSDEN, Blake (Whistler) 42.19
4 CARRY, Patrick (Fernie) 42.84
5 GRASIC, Martin (Windermere Valley) 42.90
6 PEHOTA, Logan (Whistler) 43.02
7 BEHNCKE, Peter (Revelstoke) 43.10
8 NOWICKI, Glen (Kimberley) 44.01
9 HOWATT, Shep (Revelstoke) 44.26
10 HICKS, Lachlan (Revelstoke) 44.66

March 16 Kombi, Men, Second Run
1 LLEWELLYN, Austin (Grouse) 45.87
2 GRASIC, Martin (Windermere Valley) 46.02
3 CADMAN, Bryan (Whistler) 46.04
4 SEGER, Brodie (Whistler) 46.15
5 PEHOTA, Logan (Whistler) 46.77
6 RAMSDEN, Blake (Whistler) 46.97
7 BEHNCKE, Peter (Revelstoke) 47.18
8 KREUTZ, Alex (Vernon) 47.60
9 CARRY, Patrick (Fernie) 47.98
10 NOWICKI, Glen (Kimberley) 48.44

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