With the help of Diana Rochon and Cindy Thomson, strength and conditioning coaches of "Canadian Sport Centre Pacific", we have organized a great line-up of athletic training and education for this summer’s Whistler Super Camp (July 22 to 27). These clinics, with some of the best certified trainers around, will be supported by BC Alpine funding and will cost the athletes and coaches nothing but hard work and a winning attitude.

Any club wishing to participate in these sessions must contact Joanna Magee and give her their numbers by June 28! (# of FIS athletes and # of Kinder athletes)

NOTE: All athletes and coaches must bring 1 skipping rope each in order to participate. These can travel with them on the road afterwards and can be incorporated into regular athletic training.

GOAL: To provide coach and athlete education, i.e. training techniques to use in the pre-season as well as during the competitive season that can be modified for any age group.

PLAN: You will be given a detailed schedule on the morning of June 22nd at the base of Blackcomb.

All athletic training will take place from 2:30 to 4:00 every day except on July 22nd when it will go from 2:15 to 4:30.

On July 22nd at 2:15 everyone will meet at the Whistler Mountain Ski Club cabin. All the athletes will go on a supervised 2 hour hike up the Olympic downhill. The coaches will stay behind (tentatively in the WMSC cabin) with the athletic trainers who will be conducting the four sessions. The trainers will discuss their programs with you and offer suggestions for coaching athletes. You will walk away with great ideas and some handouts to support your athletic training programs.

July 23-26: The clubs will be divided into groups and over the course of the four days, will participate in all of the following sessions:

1. Agility/Coordination – using ladders, cones, mini-hurdles and any other assorted toys

2. Total Body Medicine Ball Workout (with the idea that if med balls aren’t available kids could use 1 dumbbell or a milk jug filled with sand when at home)

3. Bodyweight & partner strength training (we are asking the kids to have skipping ropes with them so the ropes can be used as part of the partner training)

4. Simple yoga (as an addition to the regular stretching)

The athletes will be split into groups according to their clubs and must be supervised by all of their coaches. All sessions are designed to meet the needs of athletes 11 – 18 years of age. Time of sessions each day is 2:30 – 4:00pm except on July 22 when it is 2:15-4:30.