A Pridy Perspective - The Trials and Tribulations and Rising Above the Pain - BC Alpine Ski Association

A BC Ski Team Story by Conrad Pridy

"The year is 2008. Many teams from all over North America converge upon the glacier training facility known as Mt. Hood, Oregon. Among them is the BC Ski Team and this is their story.

Each night rain and warm temperatures bombarded the slopes. The days would yield great conditions for training in the morning, but as the sun got higher, the snow quality got lower. At mid-day the once simple training camp would undergo a radical transformation into a test of physical and mental endurance.

With every run growing exponentially in difficulty, the brave athletes of BC were tested relentlessly by nature and their own coaches. At the bottom of every course spirits were shattered, yet on the chair ride back to the top, new ones—stronger ones—were born to take their place!

They would arrive at dawn as boys, but they would leave as men. In what little down-time they had, the athletes and coaches would spend countless hours together plotting and scheming ways to improve their already picture–perfect technique before the competitive season.

When asked to play the games, the BC Team refused and did upper body and core workouts instead. When asked to be shown mercy, there was none to be given.

Now masters of diverse and difficult conditions, the new and improved BC Ski Team fears nothing! After what they have experienced here, they welcome the next 2 weeks of dryland pain with open arms.

The minimum improvement expected: 100%."

By Conrad Pridy of Whistler and the BC Ski Team

BC Ski Team training at Mt. Hood, Oregon - Summer 2008