Report by Nancy O’Neill, BC Team Coach

The BC Ski Team has had their first day on the downhill track here in Portillo. Blue sky, hard track and big air greeted the athletes this morning as they headed out for the day.  As this was the first full ‘speed’ day, the athletes ran the course in two sections.  Here are some quotes that might give you a sense of how it went….

Tyler Werry: "I fly as well as an ostrich"

Ian Morrison: "this one time in Portillo ……"

Mike Cadman: "If you’re not first you’re last"

Chris Campbell: "It can’t be a bad day when downhill’s involved"

Morgan Pridy: “Downhill’s hot…I’m in love”

Sasha Zaitsoff: “ I’m a jumbo jet waiting to take off”

Conrad Pridy: "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I just ripped that apart! High five"

Benjamin Thomsen: "ohhh yeah it’s like dungeons and dragons up there"

Matt Leduc: "its amazing how much more control you have when you’re in the front seat!"

Toria Whitney: "I turned Chris Mosaed’s hair gray today… oh wait, what hair?"

Tomorrow is a day off – stay tuned for more news and photos!