Report by BC Team Captain Conrad Pridy

"Copper Mountain, the pride of Colorado’s numerous ski resorts – a wonderful village, large variety of terrain and high speed chairs. Underneath that lavish exterior, however, lies a 12,000 foot leg-burning monster. Luckily, places like this have become something of a specialty for the BC Ski Team. So, with conditions looking good and attitudes in the positive, they set out to conquer yet another training camp.

After the first day it became clear that Copper would not go quietly. Initially its altitude was enough to keep the team at bay, but they quickly acclimatized and pushed on. By the midway point, things were looking dire for Copper and the athletes were only just hitting their stride. In a desperate frenzy, the mountain threw everything it had at them and soon the team found themselves up against new challenges like blizzards, snow-snakes, and 12-point slalom skiers, often all at the same time!

Obstacles such as these would have caused much frustration and torment a year earlier, but now found themselves struggling to keep up with us. After 10 days of skiing, the team had victory within its grasp. As if sensing the end, the mountain called upon its last resort – the Alberta Ski Team!

Undoubtedly last season’s most successful provincial team, the Alberta guys brought tougher course sets and fiercer competition, but the BC Team was ready. Despite extreme fatigue, they battled through 4 days of intense head-to-head timed training. Radios blared, shattered gates went flying and every run a new fastest time was recorded.

When the snow finally settled, it was too close to call! The BC Ski Team had successfully stood their ground against Alberta. Finally, victory over Copper Mountain was theirs. They tell us that what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. Turns out it makes you faster too!"

Thank you to Conrad and coach Jordan Williams for these crazy Halloween Shots – in case you’re wondering, that’s Morgan Pridy in the pumpkin!