Final Call for Volunteers at Miele Men's BC Cup 2008 at Panorama Mountain - BC Alpine Ski Association

We know it’s close to the holidays, but the Miele Men’s BC Cup 2008 is in jeopardy without the help of more volunteers.  Remember, no special training or experience is required!!

The Windermere Valley Ski Club Race Organizing Committee is putting out one last request for volunteers to come to Panorama Mountain Resort, December 20th to 23rd.

Running this event every year just wouldn’t be possible without the many volunteers from other clubs who come and offer their support. If your son or daughter is racing and you’ve never helped at a FIS race before, now’s your chance.

There is some free, shared accommodation available, which might make the decision a little easier. Come and be close to the action as some of the fastest men in BC kick off their season and show you what all that off-season training was for!

For more information, please contact Gordon Bagan, Kootenay Zone Chair at or click HERE to sign up.

GS Men 20 December 2008, Old Timer
GS Men 21 December 2008, Old Timer
SL  Men 22 December 2008, Old Timer
SL  Men 23 December 2008, Old Timer