Rio Tinto Alcan Nancy Greene Ski League Festival - Whistler, December 20th - BC Alpine Ski Association

Calling all E2 (J4) racers!

Nancy Greene is in Whistler Dec 13 and the 2008 Rio Tinto Alcan Nancy Green Ski League Festival happens on Saturday, December 20th.

"The NGSL season if off to an exciting start with the first festival in the zone taking place December 20th on Whistler Mountain. Hosted jointly by the Whistler / Blackcomb J4 group & the Whistler Mountain Ski Club, the 2008 Rio Tinto Alcan Nancy Green Ski League Festival is going to be a lot of fun for all.

Nancy Greene will be at Whistler to greet NGSL racers skiing on Whistler the week prior to the festival. She will be at the Round House on Whistler on Saturday, Dec 13 when all the local E2s (J4s) meet with their coaches. Parents are invited to come too, and hear what inspiring words Nancy has to say to these young skiers.

True to the spirit and philosophy behind the Nancy Greene Ski League, the goals for NGSL festival are to encourage participation, interaction and development of technical skills in an exciting and motivating atmosphere without the pressures of intense competition. Components of this festival include: Speed Trap, Mogul GS, Super Slalom, Speiss & Skating circuit.

Volunteers are encouraged to come out and assist at some of the event stations and to attend the event awards at 2pm. Please contact our J4 parent liaison: Steve Fleckenstein"

Thank you from WMSC Alpine Chair, Irene Whitney: