Canadian Ski Coaches Federation Recommends the use of Helmets by Coaches - BC Alpine Ski Association

The CSCF recommends the use of an appropriate ski helmet by all CSCF member coaches who are working in an Alpine Canada Alpin sanctioned on snow program.

Rationale for this recommendation:
It is recognized that the on snow environment in which coaches work has risks associated with it, from skiing at high speed, demonstrating technical elements in gates or in drills or being hit by others on the hill etc.

Athletes are required to wear helmets at all times and many clubs are now making it mandatory for their coaching staff to wear helmets while on the hill as a preventative measure.

Coaches are becoming increasingly exposed to legal action as a result of on hill training and/or competition related accidents.

We want all our members to be on the hill coaching …not in the hospital.

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Here’s some valuable feedback from a coach in the field:  "I am a Coach with the Mount Washington Ski Club and took interest in your article from CSCF recommending all coaches wear helmets. While I agree it is important that Coaches wear helmets for liability and safety reasons, I think it is just as important for Coaches to wear helmets to set the example and to demonstrate the leadership these athletes are looking for. We are Coaches after all! So let’s don those helmets and lead by example!"
from Dave Brougham (Mt. Washington Ski Club)