J1 High Performance Group Athletes Reflect on Successes at Lake Louise GS - BC Alpine Ski Association

Lake Louise GS 1st day J1 Podium - Nick Prebble, Dylan Ross and Willy Konantz "I was very happy with my day at Lake Louise. I put two decent runs together and was able to get 3rd place in the J1 category."  Willy Konantz, Whistler Mountain Ski Club (3rd on J1 Podium) 

 Lake Louise GS women 1st day overall and J1 Podium - Celine Rytz,  Tianda Carroll  and Madison McLeish
 "I am really happy about how our team pulled through so strongly at Lake Louise this weekend. It was really great to see how all the hard work we’ve put in this summer is paying off. I am really proud of my 2nd place result because GS was never my strongest or favorite event and to have such a great start to the season has really pushed me to strive for more for the rest of the season. Everyone did a great job and it was a very successful weekend for us! I also want to thank all the volunteers who really pushed for the race to keep going, even through those really tough conditions."  Celine Rytz, Fernie Alpine Ski Team (2nd Overall and 2nd on J1 Podium)

Lake Louise GS Sunday Jan 11, 2009 J1 Podium , Ford Swette, Dylan Ross, Trevor Philip

 "Well, I woke up that morning and was extremely tired as usual. I fueled up on cold pizza and dry cereal due to a food shortage, then went out for my first run and had a pretty good run besides the fact that I hip slid, but did manged to jump back into it. So by the second run I thought for sure I don’t have a chance to perform at this race, but I managed to pull it together and have a great second run that was fast enough to put me into second, which made my week."  Ford Swette, Whistler Mountain Ski Club (2nd on J1 Podium)

Lake Louise GS Sunday Jan 11, 2009 overall and J1 Podium - Jocelyn Ramsden, Shantai Watson, Alexandra McGlinn

 "I was really happy to finish 2nd in the GS in Lake Louise on the 11th because it was proof that my hard work all summer and fall had paid off. I never thought I would be able to podium in my first year of FIS. Words cannot even describe how happy I am right now and I’m looking forward to future races. I guess the saying “Nothing is Impossible” sums up my feelings about my result and season." Jocelyn Ramsden, Whistler Mountain Ski Club (2nd Overall and 2nd on J1 Podium)