"There is a part of ski racing that often gets overlooked or gently set aside when the results are posted…it’s called the “Set Up and Tear Down”. If you weren’t part of the 25 or so volunteers that were recently at Apex to work on the Set Up, then you obviously missed out on a great opportunity to receive your laughter therapy for 2011. Many of us busy folks pay good money to professionals that we hope will help us laugh and be healthier, and that’s a shame. You could have come up to Apex and had your accommodation and refreshments looked after while getting some exercise in the sun and all the belly laughs you could possibly sustain. We distributed all the BNet rolls on Friday and set up most of it on Saturday. It was by all measures an awesome group effort by volunteers from all the Okanagan Zone Clubs. However, some special recognition needs to go out to Tracy Cumming for super hosting and of course to Muffy, who provided endless fodder for more laughs on Sunday. Who knew that getting together and doing some work followed with a few refreshments in the Gun Barrel would result in one very entertaining weekend? The Apex Downhill ROC is looking forward to final preparations this week for the start of the Speed Camp on Saturday and for Race Training and Racing to commence on Wednesday, February 2nd. Thank you all for your time and support in our pursuit to deliver a great speed track!"

Garry van Soest, Chair
2011 Apex Downhill & Super G