Teck Parsons K2 – SG Provincials – Whistler
Whistler, BC, February 12 – 13, 2011

After a valiant attempt to ready the track, Saturday’s races were eventually cancelled because the snow was accumulating faster than they could clear it away. Everyone had a great day of free skiing!

The sun poked through on Sunday and three races were successfully run.  See Complete Results HERE

Congratulations to the top 10 finishers in each race:

Sunday, February 13 Super- G, Ladies, 1 Run
1 STEEVES, Kelly (Whistler Mountain Ski Club) 1:14.99
2 HENRY, Mia (Fernie Alpine Ski Team) 1:16.11
3 GARTNER, Stephanie (Fernie Alpine Ski Team) 1:16.27
4 KEPL, Elizabeth (Whistler Mountain Ski Club) 1:16.39
5 UNTERBERGER, Emily (Revelstoke Ski Club) 1:17.06
6 VANDER, Veen Rachel (Whistler Mountain Ski Club) 1:18.53
7 MARTIN, Mikayla (Whistler Mountain Ski Club) 1:18.80
8 CUMMING, Meg (Apex Ski Club) 1:18.90
9 MOFFAT, Megan (Big White Racers/Kelowna Ski Club) 1:19.32
10 DEANE, Chantal (Whistler Mountain Ski Club) 1:19.66

Sunday, February 13 Super- G, Men, 1 Run
1 NELSON, Seger (Big White Racers/Kelowna Ski Club) 1:15.24
2 LEROUX, Marc (Whistler Mountain Ski Club) 1:15.26
3 ALLISON, Jake (Whistler Mountain Ski Club) 1:16.07

4 WALTON, William (Grouse Mountain Tyee Ski Club) 1:16.35
5 MULLIGAN, Sam (Grouse Mountain Tyee Ski Club) 1:16.50
6 FINLEY, Stuart (Fernie Alpine Ski Team) 1:16.71
7 COTTON, Paul (Grouse Mountain Tyee Ski Club) 1:16.73
8 PEIFFER, Max (Whistler Mountain Ski Club) 1:17.20
9 KWAN, James (Fernie Alpine Ski Team) 1:17.27
10 ALEXANDER, Cameron (Whistler Mountain Ski Club) 1:17.36

Sunday, February 13 Super-G, Ladies, 1 Run
1 GARTNER, Stephanie (Fernie Alpine Ski Team) 1:17.59
2 HENRY, Mia (Fernie Alpine Ski Team) 1:17.71
3 STEEVES, Kelly (Whistler Mountain Ski Club) 1:18.01
4 VANDER, Veen Rachel (Whistler Mountain Ski Club) 1:18.48
5 UNTERBERGER, Emily (Revelstoke Ski Club) 1:19.45
6 MOFFAT, Megan (Big White Racers/Kelowna Ski Club) 1:19.56
7 MARTIN, Mikayla (Whistler Mountain Ski Club) 1:19.63
8 KEPL, Elizabeth (Whistler Mountain Ski Club) 1:19.70
9 SWAFFIELD, Emma (Whistler Mountain Ski Club) 1:19.81
10 BRATTON, Cassandra (Fernie Alpine Ski Team) 1:19.82

Thank you to Agnes Finan of the Whistler Mountain Ski Club for the following report on the 2011 Bob Parsons Memorial Event:

The Parsons’ Legacy: The Love of Speed

While the country contemplates the legacy left behind by the 2010 Olympics, the 31st running of the Teck Bob Parsons Memorial demonstrates the lasting impact made by one man’s vision and passion. The Olympic legacy includes many improvements to the runs used by racers, as well as critical equipment for setting a safe, fast course. Bob Parsons left behind an event where 13 and 14-year-olds can test out their love of speed on the mountain. This year, the Parsons was also the K2 provincial championship for Super G.

Bob Parsons was a devoted dad. As his kids began to ski race, he was sucked into the parent volunteer vortex. He formed and led the infamous Weasel Workers who were named after the Weasel section of the downhill. In those days, there were no winch cats and this section had to be boot packed, shoveled and raked by hand. Bob was Chief of Course for all of the major downhill races at Whistler until his death in 1979. Bob believed that young racers should have the opportunity to taste the excitement of the speed disciplines, downhill and Super G, in a controlled environment. For many of the racers this weekend, this will be their first opportunity to train and race the Super G.

The racers’ two days of training were exceptional. The grins told the story: going fast was fun and testing the boundaries was even more fun. While regular skiers dream of big powder days and catalogue them in their memory as “epic”, ski racers need a hard, solid course. 55 cms of fresh snow before the Saturday race was a disaster. There would be no racing on the first day of the Parsons. Parents with an inclination to betting called it “even money” on whether the second day would see any racers come down the course.

The snow held off on Sunday and the parent volunteers got to work slipping and packing the course, making it ready for the racers. Even with their best efforts, the course would challenge the capabilities of the K2’s. Head Coach, Rob Boyd, was impressed with the athletes’ perseverance, “The light changed through the day, from nice sunshine and good visibility to flat light and fog at the bottom for others. And thank you to the athletes who put in some amazing efforts, for dealing with cancellations, delays and some tough racing conditions to come through with some great results.”

The overall Parsons trophy was awarded to Kelly Steeves (WMSC) and Seger Nelson (Big White Racers). Continuing the Parsons legacy, Bob’s daughter Chris Leighton held the plaque on which the skiers’ names would be engraved. Her brother, Jim Parsons, is one of the WMSC K2 coaches. Bob Parsons would have been proud to see his dream and legacy endure.