• International juvenile races are tools to evaluate and benchmark our programs with those worldwide.  ACA aims to have more Canadian Alpine Racers pursuing and realizing podium performances at all levels and stronger team presence in international competition.
  • The Whistler Cup is Canada’s International children race that allows us the opportunity to benchmark our programs and athletes with programs from around the World.
  • For the 2012 edition, the Whistler Cup is reserved to athletes of the K2 category only as this event does not include the K1 category like in the past.  The Whistler Cup will be awarded to the best nations team formed of 6 athletes of 13 and 14 years old.

Team Canada 1, 2, 3

  • Three teams of 6 K2 athletes (3 girls & 3 boys) will be formed to represent Canada at the Whistler Cup. 

Team Leader and Selection Committee for Team Canada

  • The Team leaders will be designated by ACA.
  • For 2012, the Team Leader will be Jean-François Bélisle.
  • The Selection Committee will be composed of the team leader and of the National Athletic Director.

Selection Criteria for the Team Canada 1, 2 and 3

Whistler Cup Preparation Camp

* 18 athletes (9 males and 9 females) will be chosen from the K2 Can-Am East and West to attend a Whistler Cup Preparation Camp run by ACA, at which the final selection for Team Canada 1, 2 and 3 will be decided.

  • The selection of the 18 athletes will be decided as follow:
  • 8 athletes (4 girls & 4 boys) will be selected at the Eastern Can-Am.  The same will be done at the Western Can-Am.  A total of 16 athletes will be qualified this way.
  • Gold medalists in the SL, GS or SG of the 2 Can-Am’s are automatically selected.
  • The spots still available for the first 8 quotas East and West will be awarded to the athletes that have cumulated the least amount of race points from the results of their 2 best events.
  • The last female spot (9th girl) and the last male spot (9th boy) will be awarded to the athlete that, when comparing at the results of the Eastern and Western Can-Ams, has cumulated the least amount of race points from the results of their 2 best events.

* Selection for Team Canada 1, 2 and 3 will be based on a combination of K2 Can-Am results and performance at the Whistler Cup Preparation Camp.

Logistics for Team Canada

  • Each Team Canada participant will have to pay a participation fee of $650
  • Alpine Canada Alpin will take care of all the logistics for athletes and coaches of Team Canada in Whistler.  Athletes and coaches will be responsible for their own transportation to Whistler.
  • All members of Team Canada will stay at the Teams hotel during the preparation camp and races.  The logistics will be managed by ACA (18 athletes)
  • No entry fees will be charged to racers on Team Canada 1, 2 or 3
  • No lift tickets will be charged to racers on Team Canada 1 during competition
  • Team Canada athletes will score points only for Team Canada and not for their respective provincial teams

Logistics of Provincial Team

  • Each Province is entirely responsible for their team.
  • Each province must have a Team Leader.
  • If Provincial team members are selected to team Canada 1,2 or 3, provinces may replace these athletes to bring their provincial team back to full quota.
  • The Whistler Cup is a FIS sanctioned event and therefore FIS rules apply.

For more information please contact Jean-François Rapatel, National Athletic Director at or Jean-François Bélisle, National Development Coach at