Preparations have begun for the 2012/2013 season and BC Alpine is pleased to introduce this year’s BC Ski Team Men's and Women'sTraining Groups.

Women’s Team Head Coach Gregor Druzina revealed this week that he will begin the season with a Training Group of seven girls who hope to be named to the 2012/13 BC Ski Team when it is officially announced in November.

Charley Field (Whistler Mountain Ski Club), Emma King (Whistler Mountain Ski Club), Alix Wells (Prince George Ski Club) and Hallie MacLachlan (Fernie Alpine Ski Team) are entering their second season with the BC Team and will be joined by Sarah Freeman (Fernie Alpine Ski Team) and Sarah Elliot (Big White Racers) who have also been named to Alpine Canada’s Prospect Group. “We are very excited to have the opportunity to run Elliot and Freeman with our younger athletes this year,” said Druzina. “We are also thrilled to welcome Stephanie Gartner of the Fernie Alpine Ski Team to her first season with the BC Ski Team Training Group.”

Joining Druzina again this year is Assistant Coach and Multimark extraordinaire, Aaron Speden. Also on board for another season is Strength and Conditioning Coach Andrew Lambert. “The BC Ski Team coaches and support staff are committed to running a high level program in all the disciplines and all aspects of dryland training,” said Head Coach Druzina. “Some of the girls will be trying to win at Nor-Am Cup speed events, while a younger group will be learning from their more experienced teammates and working to be the top young skiers in the country.”

Jocelyn Ramsden (1993) and Kailee Darlington (1994) from the Whistler Mountain Ski Club made the decision at the end of the 2012/13 season to retire from the BC Ski Team in order to attend full-time school and pursue their academic goals. Sofi Leroux (1994), also of the Whistler Mountain Ski Club, will take advantage of a fantastic opportunity to go to school in Sun Valley, USA where she will study and continue ski racing. We are confident all three ladies will enjoy great success as they venture down these new and exciting paths in life!

"This group of women, who are all of Junior age, are some of the most talented athletes we've ever had on our Women’s BC Ski Team," said BC Alpine's CEO Bruce Goldsmid.  "The coaches and athletes have set some lofty goals for the coming season to help them stay focused and on-task. The team will be striving for Nor-Am and U18 National Championship podiums. Now the real work begins!"


BC Ski Team Women’s Training Group for the 2012/2013 Prep Season

Sarah Freeman, 1992 (Fernie Alpine Ski Team) – ACA Prospect Group

Sarah Elliot, 1992 (Big White Racers) – ACA Prospect Group

Charley Field, 1995 (Whistler Mountain Ski Club)

Emma King, 1995 (Whistler Mountain Ski Club)

Alix Wells, 1995 (Prince George Ski Club)

Hallie MacLachlan, 1995 (Fernie Alpine Ski Team)

Stephanie Gartner, 1996 (Fernie Alpine Ski Team)