As 10 days of camp has past, we are fully satisfied with our house, our training, our food, our dryland, and the weather! We arrived in Hood River, Oregon, on July 1st after a surprisingly quick drive. Practically instantaneously, we all fell in love with the town – it’s so nice to have shops, restaurants, and a beach to visit after a long day of skiing.

So far, we’ve had great training! The weather on top of Mount Hood has been very forgiving with only one day of rain on Tuesday. The cold nights have provided us with perfect snow conditions, but, as the temperature exponentially increases, the snow continues to melt. We have finished  6 days of GS under our belts and started SL today.


Earlier this week it was our teammate Sofi’s 18th birthday. We surprised her with a cake for breakfast at 5:00am, but, sadly, we didn’t get to go skiing due to the rain. Instead, we spent the day working out at the gym and lounging down at the event sight watching the kites. For dinner, we went to Double Mountain Pizza for a scrumptious meal then enjoyed world famous ice cream from Mike’s Ice Cream here in Hood River. Happy Birthday Sofi, we’ll miss you next year.


It’s been a real pleasure to stay in Hood River! Having fun things to do after skiing is way better than sitting in our house, napping. We can freely roam the streets and visit the shops and lounge at the beach. Unfortunately, we spend a lot of our time driving to and from the hill, but, luckily, the gym and grocery store are within a very close proximity from our condo.  Essentially, we like it here in Hood River.

























































Looking forward to the rest of the camp! Thanks for your support.

BC Women’s Ski Team