FLASH QUOTES from JP Daigneault (Men's BC Team Coach), Roger Carry (BC Team/Fernie Alpine Ski Team) and Ford Swette (BC Team/Whistler Mountain Ski Club)

Saturday, December 8, 2012 Mt. Norquay, AB – Van Houtte Cup Slalom 1

JP Daigneault (Men’s BC Team Coach):
  “I was very happy about Roger's win until I learned that this was the first FIS win of his career – then, I was REALLY happy.  Having accepted the job with BC Alpine late in the prep period and jumping right into the action upon arriving, I didn't brush up on every athlete’s bio and it was nice to get this little surprise.  Roger had a good start position on Rob's run with bib #2 in the first run.  It's one thing to have an opportunity, and quite another to take advantage of it.  He definitely executed and performed like we all expect him to by winning the first run.  In run two, on a course that I set, he was able to keep his composure and got down in fine style to take the two-run total by over a second for his first FIS victory ever.

  “Unterberger also gave us a few flashes of brilliance and missed the podium by 3/10ths of a second despite big mistakes in both his first and second runs.  He is well on his way, and with his work ethic and drive he'll be stomping all over these Van Houtte podiums in no time.

  “Martin Grasic had some great turns but we didn't see his best form.  He had trouble managing his feet at the start. By the time he kicked out of the gate his feet were 'offline'. "I couldn't feel my ski or figure out the snow on my way down until it was too late", he said. Though he managed to stay within 2 seconds of the winner, he was not satisfied.  I'm confident that we'll see his silky-smooth arc-to-arc slalom combinations soon enough. 

  "Finally, Patrick Carry, the younger brother of the race winner had another decent day for BC Alpine making it down the hill and into 14th position from start number 21.  Pat was having problems finishing his runs in training all week so I was surprised and pleased to see him come through on race day.  That is a great quality to have as an athlete.”

Roger Carry (BC Team/Fernie Alpine Ski Team):

"I was really happy about this win since it was my first FIS win ever, and I really wanted to start the season off on a good note!  It was nice to have the lead after first run, it made me confident in my summer training and made it easier to ski confidently on the second run.  I was worried when Dominic Unterberger was going down, as he has been skiing fast in training, but in the end it all worked out!"

Sunday, December 9, 2012 Mt. Norquay – Van Houtte Cup Slalom 2

JP Daigneault (Men’s BC Team Coach):
  “The second slalom saw the previous day's winner roar out of the start gate with altogether too much energy and he explode halfway down the course.  Roger was visibly too amped up to get into the natural tempo of the course and he couldn't find his rhythm at any point during that run.  Too bad he missed the repeat victory, but a great lesson learned there.  He knows he needs to be more even-keeled through bad times and good times.  Staying cool, calm and collected is our new slalom ace's motto.

  "BC Alpine wasn't out of ammo on this day though, as Ford Swette, our country's number 1 junior giant slalom skier, decided to step up his game in slalom.  On both runs, Ford avoided doing anything too exciting in the steep section of the course, but he definitely let it fly on the easier bottom half to collect his first-ever FIS slalom victory.

  "We also had a second clean finish by Patrick Carry in 11th position (3 better than yesterday's performance) and Unterberger managed a 23rd place finish despite hiking a gate in the first run.

  "Grasic's frustration from day one only intensified Sunday as he straddled a gate mid-way down what was a blazing first run up to that point.

  "Since the women's staff is short-handed due to Aaron Speden’s shoulder injury, I was also supporting one of their racers this weekend; Steffi Gartner.  Steffi placed 4th on Saturday and 5th on Sunday behind some very strong, older and more experienced athletes from the Équipe du Québec women's provincial team.  I was impressed by her ability to generate speed on the flatter sections and hang with the big girls.  It was clear to everyone watching her ski that with a bit of hard work she could really clean up her steep skiing and take her slalom game to the next level.  The podium is within reach – it's up to her!"

Ford Swette (BC Team/Whistler Mountain Ski Club): 

"I was thrilled to have won my first slalom race last weekend. It's a small sign that our training is paying off – a lot of the time you feel like you're getting nowhere. I took each run one at a time and just skied how I would in training. You just have to think of a race day like any other." 

December 8, 2012 – FIS Van Houtte Cup Slalom, Mt. Norquay COMPLETE RESULTS

  Bib       Run 1 Run 2 Total
1 2 CARRY Roger 1993 CAN 41.61 43.77 1:25.38
2 3 ROBIN MERCIER William 1995 CAN 42.43 44.11 1:26.54
3 1 LAMHAMEDI Adam 1995 MAR 42.96 43.91 1:26.87
4 8 UNTERBERGER Dominic 1994 CAN 42.55 44.61 1:27.16
4 6 LAW Michael 1993 CAN 42.45 44.71 1:27.16
6 16 MONOD Mathew 1995 CAN 43.12 44.06 1:27.18
7 10 GRASIC Martin 1995 CAN 42.84 44.52 1:27.36
8 15 GREIG Rob 1994 CAN 42.57 44.88 1:27.45
9 13 MOYNIHAN Nicholas 1994 GBR 43.75 43.72 1:27.47
10 5 GIGIC Filip 1993 CAN 43.03 45.25 1:28.28
11 9 HAEHLEN Jonas 1993 CAN 43.41 45.01 1:28.42
12 18 RONSKY Russell 1995 CAN 44.38 44.75 1:29.13
13 22 DAWSON Taylor 1994 CAN 44.75 44.89 1:29.64
14 21 CARRY Patrick 1995 CAN 44.13 45.54 1:29.67
15 19 GILLESPIE Mike 1996 CAN 44.24 45.76 1:30.00

December 9, 2012 – FIS Van Houtte Cup Slalom, Mt. NorquayCOMPLETE RESULTS

  Bib       Run 1 Run 2 Total
1 1 SWETTE Ford 1993 CAN 42.97 47.75 1:30.72
2 6 TROW Andy 1991 CAN 42.77 47.97 1:30.74
3 16 MONOD Mathew 1995 CAN 43.05 48.31 1:31.36
4 12 ROBIN MERCIER William 1995 CAN 42.73 48.97 1:31.70
5 4 LAW Michael 1993 CAN 43.18 48.60 1:31.78
6 15 GREIG Rob 1994 CAN 44.27 48.69 1:32.96
6 8 LAMHAMEDI Adam 1995 MAR 43.12 49.84 1:32.96
8 21 DAWSON Taylor 1994 CAN 45.05 49.23 1:34.28
9 18 GILLESPIE Mike 1996 CAN 44.59 49.84 1:34.43
10 24 HAWKINS Devon 1995 CAN 44.70 50.12 1:34.82
11 20 CARRY Patrick 1995 CAN 43.99 50.93 1:34.92
12 26 MCNAIR Daniel 1995 CAN 45.60 50.14 1:35.74
13 44 LEGREE Ben 1996 CAN 46.62 49.83 1:36.45
14 37 TAYLOR Collin 1995 CAN 46.90 50.26 1:37.16
14 28 WONNACOTT Benjamin 1995 CAN 46.08 51.08 1:37.16