How fast can you go? (on skis, that is).   Are you ready to prove it?

The 32nd Dundee Wealth Management Over the Hill Downhill pits individuals and teams against each other for the glory of being the fastest down the mountain.  So, regardless if you are a feisty spring chicken or just a few years shy of ancient, there is a team waiting for you.  Even if you’ve never raced in a downhill, now is the time to learn something new and test your skills. 

The Over the Hill Downhill is one of those great long running events where participants and volunteers of all ages and abilities come together year after year to enjoy each other’s company, challenge themselves and be inspired by those around them.  

Training camps start on February the 4th, building up to race day on Sunday, February the 10th.   For the first time this year the event corresponds with the BC Family Day long weekend,  a great opportunity to tack on an extra day of phenomenal Silver Star skiing.   

Rumor has it that the Vernon Ski Club has some unbeatable racers (care to place a small wager?).  Join us at Silver Star for fun and fast times at the Over the Hill Downhill!  We’re looking forward to a great weekend! 

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