Photo from BC Alpine website:
Micah Morris (Fernie) racing at Apex Fidelity U16 Can Am championships 2014

The Mountain Is Where I’m From

by Micah Morris, Fernie

I’m from endless hours of driving in the crammed ski team van

Sleeping in hotel rooms with 5 other people

And experiencing every ski hill on the map

From luging 4 pairs of skis, a boot bag, and my 500 other pieces of equipment

I’m from the wax on my skies, and the garages where I tune them

From -20 temperatures, powder days, rainy days, and blue bird days

Wins, losses, and from crashes

Disappointment and excitement

From speed, and thrill

And from freezing our butts off as we wait for our race to start

I’m from “hurry up and wait”

Late nights and horribly early mornings

From whole team snow soccer games, tag, hide and seek, ping pong, and glow in the dark Frisbee

I’m from running to the table with crazy hungry kids

Endless laughter and the giggles

By the end of it all when your eyes droop and your shoulders sag and you just cant stand up straight, you smile and remember all those good times


Is where I’m from

~ written by Micah Morris (Fernie Alpine Ski Team)

~ submitted by Mike Delich (Fernie)

Photo from BC Alpine website: