At the halfway point of our camp we would like to pause and say thank you to our volunteers who help make this camp so special and run smoothly. Jane and Nancy keeping everyone fed and fueled.

The coaches who set the on hill environment which allows Manny and Mike to do their thing. Nick Cooper, Dani Robson, Pat Carry, Dominic Unterberger, Ryan Jazic and all the others from the last eight years who keep us going. 

Thank You!!

Photo from BC Alpine website: www.bcalpine.comPhoto from BC Alpine website:

Day 3 of the Mike & Manny camp – the perspective of being a camper from morning breakfast by Jane, Manny's mom, to on hill gate training, hanging at the house, dryland training, meeting time, freshening up for dinner, then an Olympic experience in the Whistler village. Here it is, from wake up to lights out. Enjoy!


And watch for our 4th and final day video tomorrow!

Mike and Manny