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(above left) Whistler Cup Men's U16 SG (left to right) Ben Richards (New Zealand 2nd); Wilhelm Normannseth (Norway 1st); Jamie Casselman (Alberta 3rd) PHOTO CREDIT: Keven Dubinsky

(above right) Whistler Cup Ladies' U16 SG (left to right) Eloise Carle 2nd (QC); Marte Monsen 1st (Norway); Sierra Smith 3rd (Qc) PHOTO CREDIT: Keven Dubinsky

Friday, April 1, 2016

Whistler, BC (March 31, 2016) – Alpine’s next generation of World Cup hopefuls have taken over Whistler Mountain for the Mackenzie Investments Whistler Cup international youth race. Today the racers strapped on their speed skis for a super G race under sunny skis and warm temperatures. 

Team Canada had a strong start in today’s race capturing three of six podium spots in the U16 category. 

On the ladies’ side, in first place is Norway’s Marte Monsen, age 16, putting down a ripper of a run despite warm weather deteriorating the track. “It’s my first time to Whistler and Whistler Cup and it’s so great!” said Monsen. “The course was a little rough but I’m happy with my result.”

Team Canada went second and third on the ladies’ podium. Fifteen-year-old Eloise Carle was 1.15 seconds back from the lead-time and teammate Sierra Smith, age 16, rounded out the podium sitting 1.37 seconds back from first-place. 

“My run was good but the track was sketchy,” said Canada’s Carle. “The course was really beat up because of the warm weather but I’m happy with how I handled it.” 

The men, who benefited from an earlier start time, had a track that held up a little better. 

Wilhelm Normannseth, age 15, made it a double gold day for Norway capturing first-place. 

“When I came down I was very surprised that I won,” said Normannseth. “It was a hard course with big turns and I was running quite late but I managed some great turns. This is my first time at Whistler Cup and I would say it’s the greatest ski experience I’ve ever had! It’s an enormous alpine resort and I think it’s really great.”

In second-place is 16-year-old Ben Richards from New Zealand, trailing by 1.33 seconds. Canada’s 15-year-old Jamie Casselman rounded out the podium after recovering from a near fall early in the race. 

“My run was good but a bit of a wild ride!” said Casselman. “I broke my pole early in the course so it was difficult to balance. I nailed a gate and it hurt quite a bit but I managed to recover. This is my fifth time at Whistler Cup and I’m excited for the rest of the weekend!”

Tomorrow the men are racing slalom and the women will be putting down a giant slalom race. 

1 7 MONSEN Marte NOR   2000 1:15.32
2 10 CARLE Eloise CAN/QC      2000 1:16.47
3 12 SMITH Sierra CAN/QC      2000 1:16.59
4 22 BAKKE-WESTHOFF Bianca            NOR   2000 1:16.81
5 38 RENZONI Ella CAN WHIST 2000 1:16.93
6 27 GRAY Cassidy CAN   2000 1:17.90
7 17 VYDROVA Viktorie CZE   2000 1:17.94
8 36 BEAUCHAMP Caroline QC   2000 1:17.96
9 3 HATANAKA Yukino JPN   2001 1:18.32
10 14 OLSEN Sofie Aam NOR   2001 1:18.38
11 19 VON EINEM Georgia AUS   2000 1:18.41
12 41 ALEXANDER Kiki ALB   2001 1:18.55
13 26 TIMMERMAN Claire CAN   2000 1:18.69
14 29 DRYLIE-NOVASH Julianne CAN   2000 1:18.86
15 15 KABUKI Aoi JPN   2000 1:18.90

Ladies’ Super-G Podium

1 – Marte Monsen (NOR)

2 – Eloise Carle (Quebec/CAN)

3 – Sierra Smith (Quebec/CAN)

1 18 NORMANNSETH Wilhelm            NOR   2000 1:11.63
2 10 RICHARDS Ben NZL   2000 1:12.96
3 12 CASSELMAN Jamie CAN KAR 2000 1:13.46
4 39 FRANCIS William CAN   2001 1:14.25
5 9 BOWES Finn AUS   2001 1:14.52
6 20 ITO Shugo JPN   2000 1:14.58
7 33 CALLAGHAN Christian CAN GROUS 2000 1:14.62
8 44 KOWALCZYK Myles CAN WHIST 2000 1:14.67
9 51 KORNYA William CAN   2000 1:14.68
10 42 SENECAL Marc-eugene QC   2000 1:14.75
10 32 SANGWINE Thomas CAN   2000 1:14.75
12 6 TERASHIMA Kai JPN   2001 1:14.81
13 49 ROMANIN Nathan CAN WHIST 2001 1:15.07
14 4 LAINE Tormis EST   2000 1:15.13
15 60 MASSE Jean-daniel CAN   2000 1:15.27

Men’s Super G Podium

1 – Wilhelm Normannseth (NOR)

2 – Ben Richards (NZL)

3 – Jamie Casselman (Alberta/CAN)


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