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Whistler, BC (April 3, 2016) – Sunday closed out the final races at the 24th annual Mackenzie Investments Whistler Cup. Athletes between the ages of 12 and 15 from 18 countries competed in three disciplines. 

Norway dominated the podium today with a first and third on the ladies’ podium, and a first ND second on the men’s side. 

Marte Monsen from Norway goes three for three in wins in the ladies’ field. “My race was great today. It was tough up there but it was really fun,” said Monsen. “The second run was tougher with snow and coming down in the back of the pack made it challenging. It was really awesome to be here and I’m so happy! I want to thank my coach and my mom, dad and brother.” 

Mont Olympia’s Éloïse Carle took today’s second spot, trailing the first-place time by 3.02 seconds. The fifteen-year-old Quebec native leaves the 2016 Whistler Cup with three silver medals, hitting the podium in all the races she competed in. 

“My first run was good but the second run wasn’t so great,” said Carle. “On the third gate I almost skied out but I was able to recover. The conditions weren’t great and I was really hoping for a first-place finish today after sitting in first-place after the first run.” 

In third-place on the ladies’ podium is Norway's Biance Bakke-Westhoff, 4.33 seconds back from the lead-time. 

The men’s podium had two Norwegians sitting in the top spots with Kaspar Kindem in first-place and Wilhelm Normannseth in second-place, sitting 0.88 seconds back from the lead-time. In third-place sits New Zealand’s Ben Richards who was 1.30 seconds behind Kindem.  

“I put down the greatest run of my life in the second giant slalom run today,” said Kindem. “I’m really happy with how things have gone here and especially with today’s result.”

Jamie Casselman, from Panorama Ski Club in British Columbia, was Canada’s fastest male athlete of the day with an overall fourth-place finish. Casselman has also secured a second and third-place finish during this year's Whistler Cup.

“My first run was definitely much better than the second,” said Casselman. “The conditions deteriorated the track and my second run was definitely a wild ride! It’s been a great weekend of competition and I’m really happy with how everything went.”

Norway closes out the Mackenzie Invesments Whistler Cup capturing the Nation's Cup!

Alpine Canada Alpin congratulates all the athletes on another exciting year of competition and thanks the volunteers, coaches and countless other supporters of the next generation of World Cup hopefuls.

Photo from BC Alpine website:

Ladies’ Slalom Podium

1 – Marte Monsen (NOR)

2 – Eloise Carle (CAN)

3 – Biance Bakke-Westhoff (NOR)

Men’s Giant Slalom Podium

1 – Kaspar Kindem (NOR)

2 – Wilhelm Normannseth (NOR)

3 – Ben Richards (NZL)

4 – Jamie Casselman (CAN)

                                    Men's GS Top 10

  1  20         Kindem, Kaspar              NOR/NOR1    

  2   8         Normannseth, Wilhelm        NOR/NOR1    

  3   1         Richards, Ben               NZL/NZL1    

  4  10         Casselman, Jamie            CAN/CAN1  

  5  26         McGrath, Atle               NOR/NOR1    

  6  21         De Varennes, Gabriel        CAN/CAN1    

  7   3         Laine, Tormis               EST/EST1    

  8   7         Terashima, Kai              JPN/JPN1    

  9  40         Francis, William            CAN/ONT1    

 10  49         Romanin, Nathan             CAN/BC1 

Ladies' Slalom Top 10

  1  20         Monsen, Marte               NOR/NOR1   

  2   9         Carle, Eloise               CAN/CAN1    

  3   1         Bakke-Westhoff, Bianca      NOR/NOR1    

  4  16         Smith, Sierra               CAN/CAN1     

  5  21         Hill, Alyssa                CAN/CAN1    

  6   8         Blok, Noa                   NED/NED1   

  7  60         Robinson, Sophie            CAN/ONT2    

  8  24         Lebsack, Avery              CAN/CAN2    

  9  25         Smart, Eleri                CAN/CAN2    

 10  28         Bennett, Sarah              CAN/CAN3    

 11  42         Renzoni, Ella               CAN/BC1     


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Nancy Greene Award U14  (top performance by a Canadian female) JADE BONNEVILLE, QC

Nancy Greene Award U16  (top performance by a Canadian female) ELOISE CARLE CANADA1


Dave Murray Award U14  (top performance by a Canadian male) GRIFFEN HANSON ONTARIO1

Dave Murray Award U16 (top performance by a Canadian male) JAMIE CASSELMAN CANADA1


U14 Festival Winner – ONTARIO 1

U16 Whistler Cup – NORWAY