Photo from BC Alpine website:
Ski cross stands as one of the newest additions to the winter Olympics, making its debut in 2010. Alpine Canada and the Canada Ski Cross program is creating a Centralized Training and Education Program in Calgary, Alta., which will allow athletes to simultaneously pursue post-secondary education and high performance sport. This program targets ski cross athletes from across Canada with extraordinary potential who are three to six years from Olympic success. Leveraging Calgary training facilities, including CSI Calgary and local ski resorts, the athletes will take advantage of state-of-the-art services while completing a post-secondary education at institutions like the University of Calgary and the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT). Below are the 2016-17 members of the Canada Ski Cross C and D Team. These athletes are in addition to the A & B members previously named. READ COMPLETE ACA ARTICLE HERE

Men’s Team

Ian Deans, Lake Country, B.C. *

Kristofor Mahler, Markham, Ont. *

Tristan Tafel, Canmore, Alta. *

Zach Belczyk, Banff, Alta.  *Centralized Program

Matthew Brady, Burlington, Ont. *Centralized Program

Reece Howden, Cultus Lake, B.C. *Centralized Program

Ned Ireland, Lake Country, B.C. *Centralized Program

Trent McCarthy, Spruce Grove, Alta.  *Centralized Program

Kevin MacDonald, Mississauga, Ont  *Centralized Program

Ladies Team 

Britt Phelan, Mont Tremblant, Que. *

Zoe Chore, Cranbrook, B.C.  *Centralized Program

Tiana Gairns, Prince George, B.C. *Centralized Program

Courtney Hoffos, Windermere, B.C.  *Centralized Program

India Sherrett, Cranbrook, B.C.  *Centralized Program

Alexa Velcic, Calgary, Alta.  *Centralized Program