Photo from BC Alpine website:
BC Ski Team 16/17 (left to right) Emilie-Soleil Patterson, Alexander Valentin, Cameron Alexander, Asher Jordan, Kyle Alexander, Max Kirshenblatt and Kristina Natalenko. Missing from photo: Mikayla Martin (injured)

BC Alpine is proud to introduce the 2016-17 BC Ski Team led by Head Coach Nick Cooper and supported by Ryan Jazic (Women’s Head Coach) and Pierre Luc Dumoulin (Men’s Head Coach).

Nine promising athletes will represent BC this season in regional, national and Nor-Am competitions. Returning members Mikayla Martin (WMSC), Antonia Wearmouth (Grouse Tyee), Cameron Alexander (WMSC) and Max Kirshenblatt (WMSC) welcome rookies Soleil Patterson (Red Mountain Racers), Kristina Natalenko (Grouse Tyee), Alexander Valentin (WMSC), Asher Jordan (WMSC) and Kyle Alexander (WMSC).
After an intense summer and fall in the gym, and on snow in Chile and Europe, the team is melding together and learning to work well as a group. The addition of national team athletes-turned-coaches, Morgan Pridy and Britt Tilston (Janyk), brought another level of complexity and strength to our summer program. Tilston and Pridy come with an abundance of World Cup experience and their contributions to the day to day physical preparation of our squad offered unique and invaluable learning opportunities.


“We recently returned from Europe where we encountered some tough, but excellent character-building conditions,” said Athletic Director Johnny Crichton. “Everyone came away with great experiences from the camp and we're looking forward to race season starting at the end of the month. We have a good mix of experience, talent and desire within this group. We expect the younger racers to learn from their older teammates who will be gunning for Nor-Am points.”
“I’m very excited to get this race season underway," said Head Coach Nick Cooper. “We have had one of the best prep periods I’ve ever been a part of with the BC team – hard icy snow for three weeks in Chile and challenging winter conditions for two weeks in Europe. The young guns have worked hard all summer and have had great leadership from our four returning athletes. I think we are ready to surprise some people this season. I’ve seen a massive change in our rookies’ skiing and our vets have been extremely driven and detail-oriented all summer. They are entering the season as prepared as they have ever been. I can’t wait to see what they can do!”

BPhoto from BC Alpine website: www.bcalpine.comC Ski Team – Women

Antonia Wearmouth (Grouse Mountain Tyee Ski Club)

Mikayla Martin (Whistler Mountain Ski Club)

Soleil Patterson (Red Mountain Racers)

Kristina Natalenko (Grouse Mountain Tyee Ski Club)

BC Ski Team – Men

Cameron Alexander (Whistler Mountain Ski Club)

Max Kirshenblatt (Whistler Mountain Ski Club)

Asher Jordan (Whistler Mountain Ski Club)

Kyle Alexander (Whistler Mountain Ski Club)

Alexander Valentin (Whistler Mountain Ski Club)

BC Ski Team – Coaches

Nick Cooper – BC Ski Team Head Coach

Ryan Jazic – BC Women's Team Head Coach

PL Dumoulin – BC Men's Team Head Coach