Photo from BC Alpine website:

Please don't be shy or modest! 

BC Alpine's website is here for everyone. We know you work hard and are proud of the excellent events you host at your local hills. We would love the opportunity to show fans and supporters of BC Alpine what's happening at clubs around the province. Here's how you can help:

1. Assign someone to take photos at your events and send a few of the best ones to Kathy at We like podium shots, action shots, pics of volunteers hard at work and beautiful mountain scenery (let us know who to give photo credit to).

2. Get a volunteer to write a couple of paragraphs telling us about the event and send them to Kathy at You can even send us a quote or two from a race organizer, volunteer or special athlete.

3. Have another volunteer look for pre-race and post-race news coverage of your event and send links and articles to Kathy at 

We look forward to receiving YOUR news and featuring it in our newsletters and on our website. We never want you to feel your event isn't important enough…it is!!

Thank you in advance, and please feel free to contact Kathy at 604-678-3071 or if you have any questions at all.