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It’s a busy couple of weeks for the Mount Seymour Ski Club hosting back-to-back races with the NGSL Coast Zone U8/U10 Skills Event on Sunday, February 5th and the Enquist TECK SL on February 11th and 12th.

It was touch and go on Sunday with the forecast calling for 30+ cm on the day leading up and 34cm the night before, but the club was able to endure and run a successful event.  Almost 200 U8 and U10 racers compromised of the Cypress Ski Club, Grouse Mountain Tyee Ski Club, Helmock Ski Club and the Mount Seymour Ski Club competed against each other in a Dual Glalom, tested their speed skills in the speed trap, and learned how to fly on the jump. Overcoming the snow that Mother Nature graced the West Coast Mountains with this past week, the event was a great success uniting the clubs together and creating friendships amongst athletes.

Photo from BC Alpine website:

Howard Louie the Mount Seymour Ski Club President and Craig Chen grilled up over 200 hot dogs for all the racers. Volunteers came together to put on this great event and help make it an unforgettable day for the racers. The day would not have been a success without all the volunteers, coaches and support of the Mount Seymour Ski Resort.

A big thank you has to go out to the Mount Seymour Ski Resort for providing us support for the event and working with the Mount Seymour Ski Club. They continue year after year to support the Mount Seymour Ski club and Alpine Racing.

Photo from BC Alpine website:

We would like to congratulate all of our competitors and recognize our podium finishers.

2007 Female

1st        Nina Jakobs                 Grouse Tyee

2nd        Lilia Rose                     Grouse Tyee

3rd        Liza Kate Bibby            Grouse Tyee

2007 Male

1st        Callum Elburn Grouse Tyee

2nd        Nick Kokot                   Mount Seymour Ski Club

3rd        Benjamin Gold            Grouse Tyee

2008 Female

1st        Chloe Anderson           Grouse Tyee

2nd        Emily Warman            Grouse Tyee

3rd        Kelly Kuss                    Grouse Tyee

2008 Male

1st        Max Brown                 Cypress Ski Club

2nd        Lucas Zhou                  Grouse Tyee

3rd        Liam Gottfried Mount Seymour Ski Club

2009 Female

1st        Zoe Gold                      Grouse Tyee

2nd        Valerie Chan               Grouse Tyee

3rd        Elena Dedas                Cypress Ski Club

2009 Male

1st        Marko Plavsic             Grouse Tyee

2nd        Dylan Wang                Grouse Tyee

3rd        Burton Li                     Grouse Tyee

2010 Female

1st        Aleksandra Sorokina   Grouse Tyee

2nd        Tereza Vanourek         Grouse Tyee

3rd        Paula-Maria Ituarte    Grouse Tyee

2010 Male

1st        Ryan Elburn                 Grouse Tyee

2nd        Bodie Sewell               Hemlock Ski Club

3rd        Nevis Liu                      Grouse Tyee

2011 Female

1st        Ellie Eliason                 Hemlock Ski Club

2nd        Zoe Fierant                  Grouse Tyee

3rd        Pritam Biln                  Cypress Ski Club

2011 Male

1st        Logan Bailey               Mount Seymour Ski Club

2nd        Daniel Gold                 Grouse Tyee

3rd        Xavier Kuss                  Grouse Tyee

2012 Male

1st       Levi Weiss