Photo from BC Alpine website:
Congratulations to the 2018 Enquist Slalom Champions Ksenija Kaludjercic and Lukas Forssander! PHOTO CREDIT: Hans Forssander

Former Mount Seymour Ski Club member, Lukas Forssander (Whistler Mountain Ski Club) and Ksenija Kaludjercic (Grouse Mountain Tyee), were the individual recipients of the Enquist Slalom Trophies at this weekend’s alpine slalom races on Mt. Seymour.

The Enquist Slalom in its 82nd year of running was hosted by Mount Seymour Ski Club this weekend. The annual event featured competitors from ages 12-16 from ski clubs all across BC.

Excitement filled the air through the mini blizzards and blue bird moments of the Enquist race. Volunteers slipped away the fresh snow throughout the narrow pitches and bends of the “Unicorn” run, as the athletes prepared to ski for the coveted Enquist trophies. Hard work and sportsmanship were demonstrated throughout the two-day race.

On Saturday, the U14 Podiums included Emma Miao (Gold), Coral Anderson (Silver), Paula Damianova (Bronze) for the women, while Markus Fletcher (Gold), Noah Fischer (Silver), Avery Dennis (Bronze) stood on the men's podium. The U16 Podiums included, Makyla Slater (Gold), Holly Clarke (Silver), Hailey Nelson (Bronze) for the women, while Lukas Forrssander (Gold), Chase Burns (Silver), Nelson Fretenburg (Bronze) completed the podium for the men.

On Sunday, the U14 Podiums included, Coral Anderson (Gold), Emma Miao (Silver), Ries Holmes (Bronze) for the women, while Noah Fischer (Gold), Avery Dennis (Silver), Declan Ng (Bronze) gained the podium for the men. The U16 Podiums included, Hailey Nelson (Gold), Holly Clarke (Silver), Amanda Miller (Bronze) for the women, while Nelson Fretenburg (Gold), Lukas Forssander (Silver), Taylor Nellis (Bronze) completed the podium for the men.

Steven Hilts from the Vancouver Office of race series sponsor TECK presented awards at the post-race ceremonies, while Brett Tippie enthusiastically announced the winners in his signature style. 


Photo from BC Alpine website:
Ksenija Kaludjercic (Grouse Tyee) Enquist SL Champ 2018 PHOTO CREDIT: Hans Forssander

Photo from BC Alpine website:
Lukas Forssander (WMSC) Enquist SL Champion 2018 PHOTO CREDIT: Hans Forssander